Miss Purwanchal 2013 title goes to Neha Bajaj

Neha Bajaj was crowned the title of Miss Purwanchal 2013 in an event held in Dharan on February 25, 2013.

miss purwanchal _ 2013 winners

The contestant no. 1, 18-year-old Neha was selected the winner from the 14 participants in the final. Neha is is a student of Chartered Accountant in Applied College, Dharan. In addition to winning the title, Bajaj was also the Miss Personality.

The runner-up of the Miss Purwanchal 2013 is Alisha Shrestha, also from Dharan. In addition to winning the first runner-up, Alisha is also Miss Talent. The second runner-up title went to Varsha Rai.

After winning the title, Neha Bajaj was handed over the first prize, a scooty motorcycle. The first runner-up and the second runner-ups Alisha and Varsha got cash prize of Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 25,000 respectively.

Photos of Winners (credit Miss Purwanchal in Badmasi)

Miss Purwanchal Neha Bajaj (below):


First Runner up – Alisha Shrestha (below):


2nd Runner up – Varsha Rai (below):


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