Nepali Artists’ Bhai Tika celebrations

Here are some highlights of Tihar celebrations of Nepali celebrities.

Actress Namrata Shrestha celebrated Bhai Tika:

namrata-shrestha bhai tika

Actress Rekha Thapa celebrated Bhai Tika in Morang with two of her brothers and returned back to Kathmandu to offer tika to Kamal Krishna and others.

Actor/director Dinesh DC takes tika from singer Kunti Moktan.

Actress Keki Adhikari celebrated Bhai Tika at her home (more photos in

Actor Raj Ballav Koirala took tika from his sister Sugan Koirala.

Binita Baral offered Bhai Tika to her brother Dipkal Karki:

Actress Simpal Khanal offered Tika in Bhai Tika:

Actress Ragini Khadgi and Sumi Khadgi celebrated Bhai Tiaka. Their father – action director Rajendra Khadgi is also seen in the photo:

Director Shyam Bhattarai also celebrated Bhai Tika

Actor Sarj Garach

Actor Vicky Malla (son of Mausami Malla) celebrates Bhai Tika:

Comedy actor Nirmal Sharma (Gaida) celebrating Bhai Tika:

Comedy actor Sitaram Kattel (Dhurmus) celebrated Bhai Tika:

Singer Rajesh Payal Rai’s Bhai Tika celebration:


Tihar of Mithila Sharma

Producer Pradeep K Uday:

Actress, singer, journalist Komal Oli‘s Bhai Tika:

Director Sudarshan Thapa‘s bhai tika:

Bhai Tika of actor Puskar Bhatta

Film journalist Shanit Priya’s Bhaitika photo:

Ex-Miss Nepal Malvika Subba‘s bhaitika celebration:

Actress Richa Sharma‘s Bhai Tika photo:

Rekha Thapa offered bhai tika to choreographer Shankar BC:

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