Nepali Movie – Aadha Page

Nepali Movie – Aadha Page
StarringSalon Basnet, Rista Basnet, Rupesh Neupane, Deepak Chhetri, Suraj RD, Santosh Dhakal, Rabina Khadka, Rejina Dangol etc.
Director – Samundra Bhatta

About ‘Aadha Page’

A presentation of Pari Films, Nepali movie ‘Aadha Page’ is a love story movie featuring Salon and Rista Basnet in leading role. The background score of the movie is prepared by Sanjaya Shrestha, cinematographer is Indra Lal Shrestha. The editor is Santosh Dhakal and the movie is made on the story and dialogue of Aakash Budhathoki. The movie is produced jointly by Lila Bahadur Neupane and Gyan Bahadur Neupane. The choreographers of the songs are Ramji Lamichhane, Hari Wagle and Sudhir Shrestha. Music arranged by Pramod Nirwan and Aashish. The lyrics and the music are composed jointly by Raman Gayak and Rupak Neupane. The playback singers are Prem Pariyar, Samita Pariyar, Roshani Adhikari and Rupak Neupane.

The movie was released in the Christmas of last year (Read the release news of ‘Aadha Page’ here)

Watch ‘Aadha Page’ in full here:

Credit – Highlights Nepal

Star Cast of ‘Aadha Page’

The movie features second generation actors in the leading role. The song of actor and director Shovit Basnet, Salon Basnet, is the lead actor and the daughter of Bipana Basnet (featured as fake Hisila Yami in ‘Tito Satya’). Salon was featured as a child artist during his childhood in the movies his father produced and directed. As an adult actor, Salon debuted in ‘Hostel’ with other second generation actors like Anmol KC and Samyam Puri.

Poster of ‘Aadha Page’


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