Friday Release – Aadha Page, Dhauli, Tista Pariko Saino (with Trailers)

This week, on December 25, three new Nepali movies are releasing in theater in Nepal – ‘Aadhi Bato’, ‘Dhauli’ and ‘Tista Pariko Saino’. ‘Dhauli’ is a presentation of Sambhu Thapa, Aadhi Bato is presented by Rupak Neupane and  ‘Tista Pariko Saino’ presents the relationship between Nepali in Sikkim and Nepal.

friday release dec 25 2015


The movie by Sambhu Thapa, ‘Dhauli’ is a story of rural Nepal and is being released in theaters out of Kathmandu. The movie will be released in theaters in Kathmandu on next Friday (January 1, 2016). The movie introducing Bishnu Gautam in leading role features Gita Adhikari in his opposite. The movie also features Anu Shah, Gajit Bista, Prakash Ghimire etc. in main roles.

The movie ‘Dhauli’ is set in rural Nepal and tells the story of the affair between a servant woman and the master. The relationship between the woman and her son and the society is also the content of the movie. The movie appeals to the viewers who are interested in the stories set in rural area. (First look release news, the movie was premiered in Pokhara in June)

‘Dhauli’ Trailer:

Video credit – Music Nepal

Aadha Page

The movie ‘Aadha Page’ is a story of the affair between youths. The movie featuring the second generation actors in Nepali movie industry is expected to appeal to the school and college youths. The movie features Salon Basnet, Rista Basnet, Deepak Chhetri, and Rupak Neupane in main roles. The movie directed by Samundra Bhatta is expected to do well in multiplex theaters.

Watch ‘Aadha Page’ trailer to know the main attractions of the movie:

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Tista Pariko Saino

The movie ‘Tista Pariko Saino’ is the story of Nepali speakers in Sikkim (India) and their relationship with the residents of mainland Nepal. The movie directed by Khil Bahadur Gurung is expected to appeal the single-screen theaters and compete with ‘Dhauli’.

The movie is a presentation of Gorkha Siranchok and Ligligkot Films. The movie features Khil Bahadur Gurung in leading role and Unita Gurung in his opposite. The movie featuring beautiful scenes from Nepal and Sikkim features cinematography of Bhesh Gurung, choreography of Janak Gurung, background score of Alish Karki, cinematography of Akki Sharma, and editing of Arjun GC.

Trailer of ‘Tista Pariko Saino’ :

Video credit – Budha Subba Music

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