Nepali Movie – Damaruko Dandibiyo (Khagendra Lamichhane, Menuka Pradhan)

There aren’t many sports drama movies in Nepali language. That too, a typical Nepali sports movie is unheard of. This is such a unique movie by noted film director and actor – Khagendra Lamichhane. ‘Talakjung VS Tulke’ famed actor and director, Lamichhane is one of the rare intellectuals in Nepali film industry.

This movie is unique because:
– It doesn’t copies from Indian films or other foreign films.
– It is not a formula movie. A risky business.
– It is about an unique Nepali sport – Dandi Biyo game

The lead actor Khagendra Lamichhane is featured as Damaru. After studying away from home, he returns back to his village with an unique aim – to revive the traditional game of dandibiyo, a sports his father used to love and play. At that time, his father, although once a reputed dandibiyo player, had changed and tries to stop his son form focusing on the game. His father’s suggestion was to focus on Damaru’s own career.

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That led to a game between Damaru and his father. When his father defeated Damaru in the game, Damaru had to leave the village and quit dandi biyo dream.

The story of the movie is written by the leading character himself and he has assigned a new director Chhetan Gurung. The script is very strong and keeps the audience engaged. The talented director Chhetan lived a very short life and died in September of 2020.

The first half of the movie is about the sports, dandi biyo. Those who don’t know the sports will get the idea about what the dandibiyo game is and how it is played. The second half is full of suspense on weather Damaru would help in re-establishing the game as a sport or not.

Khagendra Lamichhane, as always, is great in his lead role. He is natural in acting. Anup Baral, in the role of Damaru’s father is also a great actor and has great performance.

Actress Menuka Pradhan in the role of Mala is also a great actress. She is great in emotional scenes.

The background scores and the music are good and the simple cinematography has been helpful in explaining what the sports is about.

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