Chetan Karki – Musician, producer and vlogger arrest case

Popular YouTuber, with half a million subscribers, Chetan Karki was arrested in the start of February in Dhulikhel. He was driving his self-made camper which he has doubled as a studio on wheel. He started the construction of the camper some two years ago and had recently completed the construction. After that, he was on the tour to record some songs for aspiring artists.

Chetan Karki became popular in 2019 when his teenager daughter went viral. It was not only the song she sang, it was her personal story that was popular among youths in Nepal. Chetan Karki had married a Tibetian woman and the daughter was born to them in Kathmandu. But, later they divorced and his first wife started living on her own doing a business in Pokhara. The daughter was living with her father.

The father-daughter duo became popular with the voice of the daughter and the music of the father. In the meantime, Chetan Karki got married for the first time. He has a daughter in the second marriage. Born in the February end of 2020, she is turning two in the month her father was arrested by the police.

Mom’s Tragedy
Chetan’s mother had died on January 20, 2021 a couple of weeks before his arrest. Chetan had done the last rituals before he had headed to roads. He had been updating his activities and his family information publicly through his video and social media posts.

More update on the arrest case is yet to be updated. I will update as more details surface.

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