Nepali Movie – Insaf (Rajesh Hamal, Nikhil, Jharana Thapa)

Nepali Movie – Insaf
Starring – Rajesh Hamal, Dhiren Shakya, Nikhil Upreti, Jharana Thapa, Rejina Upreti, Bikrant Basnet, Jay Kishan Basnet etc.
Director – Shovit Basnet

About ‘Insaf’

Nepali movie ‘Insaf’ is produced by ‘Palash’ producer Krisha Chaulagai and written by Bikash Acharya – the ‘Nai Nabhannu La’ series famed director. The movie mentions that Ram Raja Dahal had provided a apecial support to the movie. The music of the movie is composed by Mahesh Khadka, choreography by Raju Shah, action by Yogendra Shrestha, background score by Sanjay Shrestha and the editor is Banish Shah. The playback singers are Dipak Limbu, Anju Panta and Pushpa Poudel. The lyrics are written by Gobardhan Pooja and Daya Ram Pandey.

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‘Insaf’ Star Cast

The movie directed by a well known director, Shovit Basnet features the top actors of the Nepali movie industry. Shovit is known to be a very fast director who completed movies in record time. The father of actor Salon Basnet, Shovit was rumoured to be having an affair with one of the actresses in the movie, Rejina Upreti.

The superstar of the Nepali movie industry, Rajesh Hamal is the lead actor with another action star of the film industry Nikhil Upreti. Actress Jharana Thapa is also one of the top actresses in the film industry. Rejina Upreti was also one of the emerging actresses of her time. Owner of an attractive looks and body, actor Dhiren Shakya is also an attraction of ‘Insaf’.

The scriptwriter, Bikash Acharya, has established himself as a well known film maker and director after the success of fours sequels of ‘Nai Nabhannu La’. The producer Krisha Chaulagain is known to have problems with her directors. Ram Raja Dahal, mentioned in the credit to provide some special support later directed another movie of Krisha. The affair between Krisha and Ram Raja turned sour during the shooting of “Kasam Hajurko’. The history repeated in the 2017 release movie ‘Palash’ – the director left the movie halfway and Krisha had to complete it.

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