Nepali Movie – Insaf (Rajesh Hamal, Nikhil, Jharana Thapa)

Nepali Movie – Insaf
Starring – Rajesh Hamal, Dhiren Shakya, Nikhil Upreti, Jharana Thapa, Rejina Upreti, Bikrant Basnet, Jay Kishan Basnet etc.
Director – Shovit Basnet

About ‘Insaf’

Nepali movie ‘Insaf’ is produced by ‘Palash’ producer Krisha Chaulagai and written by Bikash Acharya – the ‘Nai Nabhannu La’ series famed director. The movie mentions that Ram Raja Dahal had provided a apecial support to the movie. The music of the movie is composed by Mahesh Khadka, choreography by Raju Shah, action by Yogendra Shrestha, background score by Sanjay Shrestha and the editor is Banish Shah. The playback singers are Dipak Limbu, Anju Panta and Pushpa Poudel. The lyrics are written by Gobardhan Pooja and Daya Ram Pandey.

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Friday Release – Palash, premiered in Kathmandu, director controversy

On Friday, March 31, 2017 the only Nepali movie released in theatre is ‘Palash’. The movie featuring actress Rekha Thapa in the role of a prostitute is directed by Subash Koirala. Rekha Thapa romances with Kameshowr Churasiya.

  • Film Name – Palash
  • Starring – Rekha Thapa, Ayub KC, Kameshowr Chaurasiya etc.
  • Director – Subash Koirala
  • Producer – Krisha Chaulagain
  • Rating – A (suitable for 16+ years old)

Palash Premier, mixed review

A day before the release, the movie was premiered among the film industry personalities and journalists. The only film team member unavailable in the premier was the director Subash Koirala. According to the viewers, the first half of the movie is good but, the second half is not as good as the first half.
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Celebrity Holi photos (updated)

update – More photos added at the end.

Holi at Karishma Manandhar‘s place: Like in 2011, Karishma is organizing the Holi celebration at her residence. (We will update with more photos later. Photos posted in this post)

Holi at Poojana Stri’s place

The festival color, Holi is the best festival of the kids and Poojana Pradhan is the best person to count on celebrating Holi with kids. Poojana’s message, "Your happiness is my destiny." and she has wished best wishes of Holi to her lovely kids,family,friends,fans and audience. Poojana adds, "Enjoy Holi without hurting others!"

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Krisha Chaulagai marries Pritam Lamichane

Nepali movie producer Krisha Chaulagai has recently married Pritam Lamichane from Hetauda. Here are some photos of the marriage ceremony.

The groom, Pritam, is not related to the movie industry. But, Krisha has told that they have already talked about their future and she will continue working in the movie industry.

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Binita Baral scandal and Krisha Chaulagain

Binita made news when film producer Krisha Chaulgai refused to honor the agreement made with Binita to do the leading role in the film named Ke ma timro saathi banna sakchhu. In response Binita has taken the issue to various media outlets. One online magazine published about Binita threatening to commit suicide if her  agreement was not honored.

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Thanks Piracy, Yash Kumar might quit movie sector

Maile Choyeko Pani Chaldaina…

Yash Kumar is popularly known for the sweet song in which he expressed his frustration on the traditional Nepali society in which certain ‘lower cast’ can’t touch the water used by ‘higher cast’ people. And, now he has felt as if the distributors are indirectly telling him not to touch the ‘movie sector’.

Yash, a renowned singer, entered to the film industry with his self-produced movie Bato Muni Ko Phul in which, he is also the lead actor. At the time before its release, I asked him, “Why are you entering the film industry? Are you attracted towards the name and fame of an actor?”

Yash replied with a smile, “I am no less than an actor in terms of name and fame. I don’t need that. I want to contribute the industry with a better movie and address the present social scenario.”
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Can Krisha Chaulagai’s Love affair sell Kasam Hajurko?

A movie named ‘Kasam Hajurko’ is going to be released all over Nepal soon.   I am not very much sure, but the producer, Krisha Chaulagai, of Kasam Hajurko also seems to follow another producer and actress, Rekha’s style of marketing. Like Rekha Thapa’s latest release, Hifajat, Krisha is releasing the movie all over Nepal. Rekha’s promotional stunts did actually helped Hifajat’s popularity (although the ‘yellow dress‘ controversy also helped in it).

Krisha says that she is heartbroken as her boyfriend, Ramraja Dahal, has left her before she could complete her movie. Ramraja is not only her boyfriend but also the director of the movie. He did complete the direction but when he didn’t show up for the editing and other after-shooting stuffs. Krisha told that she had to do the post-production stuffs all by herself.

Krisha met Ramraja before they planned to do the movie together and broke-up during the production. Krisha said, ‘Ramraja has broken my heart. But, I believe the viewers will not break my heart.’
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