Nepali Movie – Jhelee (Surabina Karki, Dipasha BC)

Nepali Film – Jhelee
Starring – Surabina Karki, Dipasha BC, Anil Thapa, Askar Sharma etc.
Director – Kamal Dahal

A presentation of Amar Ratna Production, Nepali film ‘Jhelee’ by Bheshman Shrestha. The film features the music of Suryakiran Lama, choreography of Kabiraj Gahatraj / Saiman, story of Shesman Shrestha, script  / dialogue of Sushil / Prakash, editing of Roshan Lamichhane, cinematography of Sabnamm Mukhiya and produced jointly by Ratna Maya Shrestha / Ram Prasad Maharjan / Sundar Bahadur Khatri.

Full movie in single part:

Credit – Highlights Movies

Technical details of the film

Starring: Surbina Karki, Anil Thapa, Dipasha BC
Dress by Lok Bahadur Budhathoki
Hair Designer – Mejha Shahi
Still Photographer is Udit Sapkota
Make Up by Susma Joshi, Sarita Pradhan
Assistant Director: Shisir Chalise
Assistant cinematography: Rabin Neupane
Title and Promotion : Shahil Khan, Sunil Thapa
Camera-man, cinematographer – Sabnam Mukhiya
Chief Assistant Director: Parichhed Sen
Lyrics by Dayaram Pandey, Muskan Dhakal
Singers – Sanup Paudel, Pratap Lama, Mina Singh
Action directors – Chandra Pant, Ram Gurung, Soneam Lama
Music composer – Suryakiran Lama
Story writer – Bheshman Shrestha
Editor: Roshan Lamichhane
Producer: Ratna Maya Shrestha, Ram Prasad Maharjan, Sundar Bahadur Khatri

The movie wasn’t that successful in box office. The movie was accused of trying to cash on the success of other similar sounding films like ‘Jhola’ and ‘Jholey’ – I wrote about that in details here. Among the three similar sounding films, ‘Jhola’ was the most popular and successful film – that also won international awards. Another film ‘Jholey’ was a little bit successful. This movie, ‘Jhelee’ was the least successful among the three films.

Actress Surabina Karki later realized that she needs to work on her acting skills. So, she went to India and got trained with Bollywood actor Anupam Kher. She shared the information in social media and told that she will make comeback in the film industry. But, so far, she has yet to show her newly acquired acting skills.

Poster of the film

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