Jhelee to take advantage of the popularity of Jhola and Jholey ?

Three movies with similar names – ‘Jhola’, ‘Jholey’ and ‘Jheli’ were were ready for release at the same time.

Don’t you think the names are designed to confuse the viewers? We think so too !

‘Jhola’ was released on February 7, another movie – ‘Jholey’ is scheduled to release on February 21 and the release date of the third movie ‘Jheli’ will be announced right after the release of ‘Jholey’.

The makers of ‘Jholey’ tried to take advantage of the popularity of ‘Jhola’ by releasing a press statement telling viewers not to confuse ‘Jhola’ for ‘Jholey’. The truth – nobody was really confused until they told so! ‘Jhola’ is a great movie in itself and it didn’t need some copycat (taking ‘Jhola’ director’s word that the movie was conceived 7 years ago) to promote it.

But, if the media reports are to be believed, ‘Jholey’ is a decent movie and is expected to do well in theater. We hope, the comedy is a genuine comedy (at least, not like the press statement).

Now, ‘Jheli’ team has also told the media that it doesn’t want viewers to get confused! The message is loud and clear – they want the viewers to get confused and watch it.

If the film makers had genuinely tried to differentiate the movies, they could have any other names. Even if they couldn’t name it differently, they could at least have written the letter ‘Jha’ in a different fashion!

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