4 months long training with Anupam Kher made Surabina Karki a matured actress!

Yes, that is what Surabina Karkia said after the completion of a 4-months-long acting training in Mumbai. After the completion of the training at Anupam Kher’s training institute, Surabina told that she felt like a matured actress now and is now ready to do any types of roles in movies.

After returning from the training Surabina told, “Now onwards I will only do the selected movies. I will evaluate the reputation of the banner and will study my role before signing in.”

Who is Surabina Karki?

Actress Surabina debuted in Nepali movie ‘Jhilee’ as an actress (watch ‘Jhelee’ here). After that she was also featured in ‘Lukamari’, the movie released last year. (watch ‘Lukamari’ here)

Originally from Sinduli, Surbaina is currently living in Kathmandu. Surabina completed her schooling in Sindhulai and continued her high schooli in Kathmandu. In the mean time she worked in a number of movies before deciding to do a course in acting. Before debuting in movies, Surabina was a well known music video model.

Although Surabina was featured in a number of movies, as an actress she hadn’t been that popular. We would need to wait and see if she has improved herself after the training.

Movies of Surabina Karki:

The School for Actors by Anupam Kher was established in 2005 to train actors and writers. The institute is considered to be “the only school for actors and writers in the world to be founded by an actor-director who is professionally active.” The institute provides intensive professional-level courses and specialised training in acting and screenwriting.

It has been a usual practice of Nepali actors to go to Mumbai for training and try their luck in Bollywood film industry. Actress Karkishma Manandhar had done the same – after acting in a few movies she went to Mumbai for acting training. She was also featured in a Bollywood movie. Similarly, actress Usha Pouldel also went to Mumbai for training and landed in television serials. These days Usha is living in the USA. Actor Nikhil Upreti and Sanchita Luitel had also lived and struggled in Mumbai to get roles in Bollywood movies. But, they failed to succeed and return back to Nepal.

It seems, Surabaina chose to return back without attempting her luck in Mumbai.

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