Nepali Movie – Jung

Nepali Movie – Jung
StarringBiraj Bhatt, Sushil Singh, Vijay Verma, Tanu Shree, Anjana Singh, Krishna Bhatt, Jashjant Kunwar etc.
Director – Anurag Mishra

The movie ‘Jung’ is a Nepali movie dubbed from a Bhojpuri movie featuring Biraj Bhatt. The singers in the movie are Nityabiva, David Shankar, Hira Rana, Anamika Singh, Priyanka. The action by Shakil Sheikh, Hira Yadav, music by Shankar Adhikari “Ghayal”, screenplay by Radhe Shyam, dialogue by Surendra Mishra. The editors are Umashankar Mishra, Yogesh Pandeya, cinematographey by Saurav Lama and the story is written by the director Anurag Mishra. The movie is produced by Binod Kumar Chaurasia and Manoj Kumar Chaurasia.

Watch the full movie in a single part:

Credit – OSR Digital.

Star casts

The movie is a Bhojpuri movie. So, the only actor Nepali audience recognize is Biraj Bhatt. The actress Tanu Shree is also a well known actress in Bhojpuri film industry. Although Bhojpuri movies featuring Biraj Bhatt are very popular in Bhojpuri film industry, these films dubbed in Nepali language are not well received in Nepali audience. As Biraj has stopped acting in Nepali film industry, such dubbed movies are the only films Biraj’s fans can watch Biraj Bhatt these days.

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