Nepali Artists Dashain in foreign countires

UPDATE: Rishi Dhamal’s Dashain in Canada and Ratan Subedi’s Dashain in Australia (at the end of this post).

Wherever people go, they take their culture with them. Nepali people are no exception. Nepal people all over the world celebrated Dashain Tika on October 22, 2015. I shared some photos of Nepali artists celebrating Dashain in my previous post. Now, it is time to share photos of Dashain celebration in places out of Nepal. Although, every Nepali have celebrated Dashain, I will only share photos of Nepali artists. This post will be updated if I find more artists celebrating Dashain in countries other than Nepal.

Prakriti Shrestha, Nepali actress in Australia

Nepali actress Prakriti Shrestha had gone to Australia after marrying Sudeep Neupane in July of 2014. The ‘Hostel’ actress was considered one of the new actresses with a lot of potential in Nepali film industry. But, Prakriti quietly married and left the country. (Watch ‘Hostel’ here)

prakriti shrestha in australia with husband australia

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Nepali Movie – Jung

jung nepali movieNepali Movie – Jung
StarringBiraj Bhatt, Sushil Singh, Vijay Verma, Tanu Shree, Anjana Singh, Krishna Bhatt, Jashjant Kunwar etc.
Director – Anurag Mishra

The movie ‘Jung’ is a Nepali movie dubbed from a Bhojpuri movie featuring Biraj Bhatt. The singers in the movie are Nityabiva, David Shankar, Hira Rana, Anamika Singh, Priyanka. The action by Shakil Sheikh, Hira Yadav, music by Shankar Adhikari “Ghayal”, screenplay by Radhe Shyam, dialogue by Surendra Mishra. The editors are Umashankar Mishra, Yogesh Pandeya, cinematographey by Saurav Lama and the story is written by the director Anurag Mishra. The movie is produced by Binod Kumar Chaurasia and Manoj Kumar Chaurasia.

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