Nepali Movie – Kancha (Rajesh, Karishma, Jal Shah)

Nepali Film – Kancha
Starring – Rajesh Hamal, Karishma Manandhar, Jal Shah, Subhadra Adhikari, Laxmi Shrestha, Rama Thapaliya, Kiran KC, Gopal Bhutani, Hiuwala Gautam etc.
Director – Surya Bohara

About ‘Kanchha’

Kancha is the first presentation of Shivapuri Films by Diamond Singh Malla. The director, Surya Bohara had written the story script and the dialogue of the movie. The movie featuring Karishma, Jal Shah was one of the hit movies of the time. After a long gap, Surya Bohara had produced ‘Mutu’ and ‘Thuli’ in the year 2014.

[Watch ‘Mutu’ here and Watch ‘Thuli’ here]

This xNepali movie features superstar of the Nepali film industry, Rajesh Hamal, with one of his most liked online-couple, Karishma Manandhar. Rajesh Hamal and Jal Shah is another most liked couple at that time. Both Karishma and Jal went to USA and didn’t return back for a while. Although Karishma returned back to restart acting, Jal is still in the USA. The director had also relocated himself to the USA and his comeback attempt with two movies in 2014 as Everest Surya Bohara were not as successful as his previous ventures.

Watch the full movie here


Poster of the xNepali movie

Current status of the artists of the xNepali film industry
Rajesh Hamal is not active these days and his last release ‘Bagmati’ and ‘Shakuntala’ were disaster. He is reportedly preparing himself to direct a movie. But, there are no further details of his directorial debut. He is more focused in social works and stage programs these days.

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Karishma is more into politics than acting these days. Karishma’s third home production movie, ‘Fagu’ was a failure and she hasn’t appeared any movies these days. She is active in Baburam Bhattarai’s party Naya Shakti. She is also trying to make directorial debut with her daughter Kabita Manandhar in leading role. After the completion of her bachelor’s degree in the USA, Kabita is back to Nepal these days. But, there are no news of her acting debut.

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Jal Shah is living in the USA with her daughter and husband. She has gained a lot of weight and there is little chance of her comeback in the film industry.

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