Lily Bily – Priyanka Karki replaces Rebika Gurung. Reason: Visa Application Rejection

At the time when the shooting of ‘Intu Mintu Londonma’ has been halted for a long time because of the visa rejection of Samragyee RL Shah, another film lost an actress because of visa rejection. After the actress of ‘Lily Bily’ Rebika Gurung’s visa application by the UK embassy, she has left the team. Actress Priyanka Karki has reportedly taken her place in the movie.

At the time when Rebika’s visa was rejected, Priyanka is in UK for the premier show of ‘Happy Days’. In response to her replacement, Rebika has written that, she has willingly left the team so that the shooting is not further delayed because of visa rejection and problem with her health.

Artists Visa Rejection

A lot of Nepali artists don’t return from their foreign visit. The trend of overstaying in western countries have created a very impression of Nepali artists that many of them get rejected. The failure to convince that they will return back to Nepal after the completion of the task had caused the majority of such rejections.

One of the latest such rejection is that of Samragyee, who was planning to go to the UK for the shooting of ‘Intu Mintu Londonma’. But, because of Samragyee, the shooting of the movie has been delayed.

According to reports in an online magazine, Rebika’s visa was rejected twice before she gave up on the movie. After the rejection of visa for the first time, Rebika did a photoshot and applied second time. But, second application was also rejected. Although Rebika and the production team have quoted health reason of Rebika, sources claim that the health is only an excuse.

Lily Bily team

The movie features Pradeep Khadka in the leading role. Pradeep has already arrived in UK. Actress Jasita Gurung is a UK resident Nepali actress who is going to debut in the movie. Although actress Priyanka Karki had told that she was travelling to the UK for the premier of ‘Happy Days’, she had reportedly signed in the contract to work in ‘Lily Bily’ before leaving Kathmandu.

As Priyanka has visited UK a lot of times, she doesn’t have an issue with obtaining UK visa and she has replaced Rebika Gurung. Priyanka has also worked in Cham’s previous movie, ‘Happy Days’ but, the suitability of Priyanka opposite to Pradeep Khadka is questionable because, Priyanka is a lot older than Khadka.

Being produced and directed by Milan Chams, a UK resident Nepali film maker, the movie is scheduled to go to floor in the first week of Kartik. But, the shooting was delayed after the rejection of Visa of Rebika. Now, the shooting is expected to start in London right after the premier of ‘Happy Days’.

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