Nepali Movie – Katha (pre-release review)

Nepali movie ‘Katha’ is releasing in Nepal on March 22, 2013. The movie directed by Prashant Rasaily features Saugat Malla and Usha Rajak in leading roles. The director of photography of ‘Katha’ is Shailendra D Karki.

Katha usha rajak and saugat malla

Crew Background

Katha features Saugat Malla and Usa Rajak in lead role. This is the first movie of Saugat Malla as a solo actor and he will be portraying the role of a lover boy. Usha Rajak, whose last hit movie was ‘Iku – The jungle man’ (First part) only does few selected movies. This movie is considered to an important movie in her career in Nepali movie industry.

The director, Prashant Rasaili is known for directing another popular movie ‘Acharya’. Although the movie was appreciated critically, it wasn’t successful commercially. ‘Katha’ is his boldest experiment, starting the shooting without any script. The script and dialogues were created simultaneously during the shooting at location and torch lights were used while shooting.

Movie and media response

‘Katha’ is made on a love story, but the love story is different from other love story Nepali movies. The movie shot in East Sikkim was released in Sikkim before being released in Nepal.

The response of ‘Katha’ in media is quite good. But, in the publicity side the makers of ‘Katha’ haven’t done much effort. Lack of publicity is sure to affect the initial response. The success or the failure of the movie will depend on mouth-to-mouth publicity.

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