Nepali Movie – Khurpa

Nepali Movie – Khurpa
StarringSabin Shrestha, Puspa Limbu, Roshan Shrestha, Sushma Adhikari, Yubaraj Lama, Hasta Liwang etc.
Director – Kishore Subba

About ‘Khurpa’

A presentation of Mata Pathibhara Films Nepali movie ‘Khurpa’ features Sabin Shrestha and Sushma Karki. The movie features the cinematography of Kumar Bakhati, action of Shankar Maharjan, editing of Prabin Dhakal and choreography of Gobind Rai. The music and the lyrics are prepared by Niraj Nepal. Graphics, VFX and animation prepared by Samir Miyan. The director, Kishore Subba has also written the script of the movie. The movie ‘Khurpa’ was released on February 27, 2016. The movie is produced by Hasta Libang in association with Biraj Angdenbe, Bishal Thebe, and Padam Chongbang.

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Credit – Highlights Nepal

Star Cast of ‘Khurpa’

The movie features actor Sabin Shrestha in main role. Others are relatively new in the film industry. Actress and a well known movie Sushma Adhikari is also featured in the movie.

The main attraction of ‘Khurpa’ is a dog. The film maker had claimed that after an old movie ‘Sathi’ (watch ‘Sathi’ here), no other movies have presented a dog in an effective role in any Nepali movies. ‘Khurpa’ team claimed that the dog is effectively presented. The movie also features computer generated animation.

Poster of ‘Khurpa’


Note: There was another movie by similar name – ‘Hasiya’. The movie by Milan Chams was is also available to watch in xnepali (watch ‘Hasiya’ here). I am going to list all the movie named after weapons. Some other similar movies include ‘Trishul’, ‘Khukuri’ etc.

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