Friday Release – Khurpa

This week on Friday – February 27, 2016 new Nepali movie ‘Khurpa’ was released in theater. Another movie scheduled to release on the same day, ‘Champion’ was delayed because of the problem with the Censor Board.

khurpa releases in theater

The movie released under Mata Pathibhara Films banner, ‘Khurpa’ was released in 65 different theaters all over Nepal. The movie made on the investment of Hasta Liwang is made on the story, script and direction of Kishor Subba. The movie features Sabin Shrestha, Puspa Limbu, Roshan Shrestha, Sushma Adhikari, Yubaraj Lama, Hasta Liwang in main roles. The movie also features a dog in an interesting role.

The filmmaker claim that the role of the dog in movie is effectively presented in the movie after the hit movie of the past ‘Sathi’ (watch ‘Sathi’ here).

The movie ‘Khurpa’ is a story of the relationship between women and the domestic weapon, Khurpa. Actor Sabin Shrestha and actress Puspa Limbu are featured in an action roles.

The movie features the lyrics and music of Niraj Kumar, editing of Samir Miya, action of Shankar Maharjan, choreography of Gobinda Rai, and cinematography of Kumar Bakhati.

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