Nepali Movie – Mamaghar

mamagharNepali Movie – Mamaghar
StarringShiva Shrestha, Gauri Malla, Dilip Rayamajhi, Shanti Maskey, Maya Pradhan, Arjun Shrestha, Gopal Bhutani, Bipana Thapa (Guest) etc.
DirectorNarayan Puri

‘Mamghar’ is a presentation of Rajendra Khadgi for Action Group Movie Makers.

Watch the full movie in single part:

Music videos from the movie:

  • Ke ko ranga chalyo aja
  • lajalu ti aakha le – Film: Mamaghar
  • Udyo Maan hawa sari
  • Nashalu aakha le Koshlai rojhe ko

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