Nepali Movie – Mission Paisa Reloaded (Mission Paisa 2)

Nepali Movie – Mission Paisa Reloaded
StarringNIsha Adhikari, Amir Gautam, Resh Marhatta, Binod Bhattarai, Harshika Shrestha , Samir Sunuwar, Shishir Rana, Priyanka Karki etc.
Director – Simosh Sunuwar

The sequel of hit movie ‘Mission Paisa’ is a presentation of Princess Movies in which actress Nisha Adhikari is featured in action role. The movie features actress Priyanka Karki in a special appearance. The music of the movie is composed by late Pandav Sunuwar, choreography by Priyanka Karki, action by Raj Kumar Upreti, written by Prachanda M Shrestha, cinematography by Hari Humagain and produced jointly by Madhav Wagle, Narendra Maharjan. In the original ‘Mission Paisa’ actress Nisha had teamed up with Nikhil Upreti. Watch “Mission Paisa” here:

Watch the full movie in a single part:

Credit – Budha Subba Music.

Star Cast:

Nisha Adhikari – Actress Nisha Adhikari is the first actress to climb Mt. Everest. Nisha is known to be different from other actresses. She had recently stated music video direction and is planning to start movie direction in 2017. Although she is talented and has done movies in well known banners, she is yet to be featured in a hit movie.

Resh Marahatta – Resh was previously known as Dinesh. He went to the USA for some time and has returned back as Resh Marahatta. In addition to Nepali movie, Resh is told to be featured in an upcoming Bollywood movie.

Priyanka Karki – Actress Priyanka has been working in three different fields – acting, choreography and singing. In the Priyanka Karki single released on the New year day of 2016 she is featured in a hot avatar – in bikini. In this movie, she is featured in a guest role as an actress. In addition to that, she is also the choreographer of the songs. Priyanka is the most busy actress with a lot of potential in Nepali film industry.

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