Nepali Movie – Mission Paisa

Nepali Film – Mission Paisa
StarringNikhil Upreti, Suraj RD, Nisha Adhikari, Ayusha Basnet, Sunil Thapa, Amir Gautam etc.
Director – Simosh Sunuwar

The movie offers a special thanks to late director Alok nembang (in the start of the movie). The movie written by the director Simosh is produced by Rajeeb Shrestha, Dipikar Thapa Sunuwar and Bhawana Rajbhandari. ‘Mission Paisa’ is a presentation of AVI production in association with Reeyaz Films. After the huge success of the movie, a sequel ‘Mission Paisa Reloaded’ was also produced.

‘Mission Paisa’ is a movie about five young guys who can do anything for money. Raj and Sujal are two friends in a college. Sujal goes to Hong Kong to earn money and Raj also goes to Hong Kong for employment. They met two Nepali girls in Hong Kong and teamed up with another criminal in their desire to earn a lot of money. When their boss got killed they had to return back to Kathmandu. The movie shows what happens to the youths who go after money and commit crimes.

Full movie in single part:

upload credit – Hi Tech Entertainment

Mission Paisa (4)

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