Nepali Movie – Naya Nepal Express (Katha Ek Raat ko)

Nepali Movie – Naya Nepal Express
Starring – Bhupen Chand, Sushma Karki, Raj Timilisina, Neeta Dhungana,Sharmila Malla, Maushami Malla,Ganesh Upreti etc.
Director – Ashok Bam Malla

About ‘Naya Nepal Express’

Nepali movie ‘Naya Nepal Express’ is also subtitled ‘Katha Ek Raat Ko’. The movie features background music by Binod Gurung, choreography by Shankar BC, cinematography by Rabindra Baral, music by Laxman Shesh, editing by Arun Sharma. The director Ashok Bam Malla has written the story, script and dialogue.

The movie starts with all these well known artist boarding the same public bus and travelling to Kathmandu. Different types of characters are gathered in the same location featuring all types of entertaining masala.

Watch Naya Nepal Express, full movie:

Credit- Tareli Sangeet Kunj

Star Cast of ‘Naya Nepal Express’

Although the movie wasn’t that much popular, it featuers well known actors like Bhupen Chand, Sushma Karki, Neeta Dhungana, Sharmila Malla, Mausami Mall, Ganesh Upreti, Raj Timilsina etc. The movie also features new actors are Anupa Karki and Prabhan Bam Malla. Child artists are Nabin Luitel and Sudarshan Neupane.

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