Nepali Movie – Naya Nepal Express (Katha Ek Raat ko)

Nepali Movie – Naya Nepal Express
Starring – Bhupen Chand, Sushma Karki, Raj Timilisina, Neeta Dhungana,Sharmila Malla, Maushami Malla,Ganesh Upreti etc.
Director – Ashok Bam Malla

About ‘Naya Nepal Express’

Nepali movie ‘Naya Nepal Express’ is also subtitled ‘Katha Ek Raat Ko’. The movie features background music by Binod Gurung, choreography by Shankar BC, cinematography by Rabindra Baral, music by Laxman Shesh, editing by Arun Sharma. The director Ashok Bam Malla has written the story, script and dialogue.

The movie starts with all these well known artist boarding the same public bus and travelling to Kathmandu. Different types of characters are gathered in the same location featuring all types of entertaining masala.

Watch Naya Nepal Express, full movie:

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8 Nepali actresses who preferred an experienced man to marry

The following video lists eight Nepali actresses who had preferred an already married man to an unmarried one, to get married. I think, some of them might have preferred a married man instead of an unmarried man because of their experience in dealing with women. Unmarried men usually feel insecure when dealing with a woman. Married men are more confident with women and know how to please them. Is that the main reason the following list of actresses married an already married man?

Let’s watch the following video report on the actresses before a detailed discussion on the topic:

Was Sharmila Malla looking for an experienced man?

Among the actresses mentioned in the video, actress Sharmila Malla is the only actress who had been the fourth wife, others are either third or the second wives of their husbands. It is surprising how Sharmila roped-in her husband, Krishna Malla, into her love and stopped his marrying-spree. Krishna Malla had already married three women in a young age but stopped marrying new girls after marrying Sharmila in the last 30-years they are living together.

Now, the main question, was Sharmila attracted to Krishna Malla because of his previous experiences with various women? May be, experience pays off. But, at the time of her marriage, Sharmila had no idea that Krishna Malla had married other women before her. In an interview, Sharmila told that she didn’t know about Krishna Malla’s earlier marriages until she gave birth to her son. Based on Sharmila’s statement, although Krishna Malla didn’t tell her about his previous marriages at the time of their marriage, he must have shown the understanding and the talents that only a well experienced man can show to a girl.
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Nepali Movie – Maya Gara La

maya gara laNepali Movie – Maya Gara La
StarringMukesh Dhakal, Saujanya Subba, Bhupen Chand, Richa Singh Thakuri, Rupa Khanal etc.
Director – Madan Ghimire

The movie ‘Maya Gara La’ was released on May 2, 2014. The movie is a presentation of Ram Keshar Bogati for Bogateshowr Films. The movie features the music of Suresh Adhikari, action of Madan Ghimire / Shankar Adhikari, background music by Alish Karki, script / dialogue by Shivam Adhikari, choreography by Poonam Rai / Dinesh Adhiakri / Shankar BC, action by Roshan Shrestha, cinematography by Shambhu Sapkota, editing by Bipin Malla, story and produced by the director, Madan Ghimire.

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Nepali Movie – Cheers

cheersNepali Movie – Cheers
StarringBhupen Chand, Puskar Jung Thapa, Raaz Aryan, Christie Paudel, Dhruba Koirala etc.
Director – Pawan Gautam

‘Cheers’ is a presentation of Xenium Films. The movie produced by Rajaram KC/ Yubraj Khatri features the cinematography of Deepak Baniya, choreography of Kabiraj Gahatraj and music of Santosh / Nagendra Rajbansi. The lead actor Bhupen Chand is the son of ex-prime minister Lokendra Bahadur Chand.

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Nepali Movie – Ishara

isharaNepali Movie – Ishara
StarringRekha Thapa, Uttam Pradhan, Uma Baby, Bhupen Chand, Hemanta Budhathoki etc.
DirectorShabir Shrestha

The movie ‘Ishara’  is a presentation of actress Uma Baby featuring actress Rekha Thapa in leading role. The movie is made under Anushi Films P. Ltd. banner. The movie was released in Kathmandu on November 2, 2012.

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Friday Release, World Cup in Nepal and Maya Gara La

Two new movies, ‘World Cup in Nepal’ and ‘Maya Gara La’ were released in theaters on Friday May 2, 2014.

world cup in Nepal poster

Director Ram Sharan Pathak’s movie ‘World Cup in Nepal’ was awarded a Special Award by the Film Development Board (FDB). The presentation of Prakash Thapa is produced by Ram Tamang. The movie features Gopal Aryal, Sonu KC, Sharmila Sharma, Sangam Rai, Kulchandra Puri, Giri Prasad Pun and Umesh Thapa in main roles. The movie also feature ANFA Under-19 players. The cinematographer of the movie is Manish Panth and features music of Jugal Dangol. The choreographer of the movie is Krishna Bhakta Manandhar.

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Nepali Movie – Ko Hola Mero Mayalu

ko_hola_mero_mayaluNepali Movie – Ko Hola Mero Mayalu
StarringBhupen Chand, Ranju Lamichane, Gopal Bhutani, Mukunda Kishor Bhattarai etc.
Script/Director – Subhash Gajurel

‘Ko Hola Mero Mayalu’ is the presentation of Dharahra Combined Films. The movie was released in 2008.

According to model and actress Rupa Upadhyay, the story of this movie was copied by another movie ‘Parkhe Base‘. She says, “Unfortunately when this movie was in line to release ‘Parkhi Base’ stole the story concept and release their movie before ‘Ko Hola Mero Mayalu’.” (Disclaimer: We haven’t checked the validity of this claim.)

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'The Peach Keeps on Blooming' nominated in Detectivefest

Nepali feature film, ‘Yesari nai Aaru Fulchha’ by Kollywood Films Pvt. Ltd. Nepal is nominated in the XIV International Festival of Detective Films (Detectivefest) in the ‘Feature film on detective and law-enforcement themes’ genre. The movie is one of the 74 movies selected in the genre.


The title of the movie translated to ‘The Peach Keeps on Blooming’ in English, is directed by Subhash Gajurel. Director Gajurel had previously directed movies like ‘Basai;, ‘Ko Hola Mero Mayalu’, and ‘Naya Nepal’.

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Nepali Movie – Dui Kinara

Nepali film – Dui Kinara
Starring :Niruta Singh, Suman Singh, Bhupen Chand, etc.
Director Tulsi Ghimire

A presentation of Shrawan Ghimire, ‘Dui Kinara’ is a family drama by one of the top directors of Nepal, Tulsi Ghimire featuring actress Niruta Singh with Suman Singh and Bhupen Chand. The story, dialogue, script is written by Tulsi himself and he has also done the editing of the movie.
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