Nepali Movie – Nepal (2007)

Sudhamshu Joshi presents a romantic movie with action:
Nepali Movie – Nepal (2007)
Starring – , Dhiren Shakya, Sudhamashu Joshi, Deepak Raj Giri, Sajja Mainali, Nirmal Sharma etc.
Music – Sambhujit Baskota
Producers – Rajan Kumar Shahi , Nirmal Sharma
Director – Dayaram Dahal

This is a movie about Nepal, by actor Sudhamshu Joshi. The movie made on a romantic story features the superstar of the Nepali film industry Rajesh Hamal, action star Dhiren Shakya and comedy actor Deepak Raj Giri. The actress is Sajja Mainali.

Deepak Raj Giri wasn’t great in films at that time. He made it big in TV and later produced some of the highest grossing films of Nepali film industry. He is also credited of making comedy a main-stream genre of Nepali films. After his success, MaHa have also started producing similar films like ‘Shatru Gate’ and ‘Dal Bhat Tarkari’.

Sudhamshu is currently living in the USA.

Single part version is not available

The movie is not available now.

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