Nepali Movie – Piratee Aafai Hundo Raichha

Nepali Movie – Pirati Afai Hundo Raicha
StarringDilip Rayamajhi, Melina Manandhar, Gopal Raj Mainali, Ganesh Lama, Rama Thapaliya etc.
DirectorRaju Dhoj Rana

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About ‘Pirati Aafai Hundo Raichha’

Nepali Movie ‘Piratee Aafai Hundo Raichha’ is a presentation of Dhanadev Basnet for Jaya Siddhikali Chamunda Films banner. Salon Basnet is featured as a child artist in the movie. The movie features the art of Gopal Bhutani, action of Ram / Janak, choreography of Kamal Rai, music of Manoj Rajbhandari / Dipendraman Singh, cinematography of Mahendra Thapa, editing of Anil Gautam, written by the director Raju Dhoj Rana, and produced by Ramhari Pant / Harikrishna Balami.

‘Pirati Aafai Hundo Raichha’ Star Cast

The lead actors of the movie ‘Pirati Aafai Hundo Rahechha’ are Dilip Rayamajhi and Melina Manandhar. Dilip was popular as a lover-boy actor in the Nepali film industry. After the diminishing popularity in the film industry, he had left the country in 2015 to live permanently in the USA. A very good dancer, Dilip has also started a dance school in the USA.

Actress Melina Manandhar was also one of the top actress in the industry in her time. After marrying actor Mukesh Dhakal, Melina has given birth to a daughter and is living as a housewife these days.

Read the biography of Dilip Rayamajhi and the list of his movies in the following link:

Poster of ‘Pirati Aafai Hundo Raichha’:
pirati aafai hundo raichha

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