Nepali movie Rang to release on Feb 15

The debut movie of Roshan Thakuri as the director, ‘Rang’ is releasing on February 15, 2013. The movie is produced by MR Film Production and is made on the story of it’s director Roshan Thakuri.

Before jumping into direction, Roshan Thakuri was the personal assistant of actor for a long time.

‘Rang’ is made on the different colors of a human life and it has the tagline ‘hues of life’.  The movie is shot in beautiful places in Pokhara and it’s surroundings.

The movie features Suman Singh, Sumina Ghimire and Dipsikha Shahi in main roles. Other noted actors in the movie are Rajesh Hamal and Karishma Manandhar. Suman Singh is featured in a new looks and character.

During the shooting of the movie, Roshan was rumored to be having an affair with the actress Sumina Ghimire. In one morning Sumina was even found in Roshan’s bathroom by one of the crew members. In a recent news, the actress was found to be having affair with the producer of her upcoming movie ‘9 O’clock’ and they are reportedly in Malaysia these days.

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