Nepali Movie – Rath

Nepali Movie – Rath
Starring – Bishal Pokharel, Aarju Adhikari, Sharimila Rai, Binaya Bhatta etc.
Director – Kailash Adhikari

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About ‘Rath’

A presentation of Fijal Entertainment Nepali movie ‘Rath’ is produced jointly by Shyam Laawoti, Dipendra Dhital and Ajit Rai. The movie features the music of Yadav Yogi and Bipin Acharya, choreography of Sanu Subba, and the cinematography of Hari Narayan Chaudhary. The movie features the background score of Kiran Adhikari and Bipin Acharya, action by Umesh Newa, editing by Suresh Chaudhary. The editor Suresh Chaudhary has also written the story, dialogue and script of the movie. The love story movie ‘Rath’ was released on February of 2015. The movie was one of the four movies released on that day. The movie wasn’t promoted properly and didn’t see much viewers in the theatre.

Viewers from USA, UK and Australia are advised to use proxy to watch the movie.

Star Cast of ‘Rath’

The movie ‘Rath’ doesn’t have any well known star cast. The leading actress are Aarju Adhikari and Sharmila Rai. The actors are Bishal Pokharel and Binay Bhatta.

‘Rath’ poster

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