Copy Paste movie posters, book covers and advertisements

There are various reports of Nepali movies taking the concepts, stories, and step-by-step scenes from various foreign movies. The posters are easily spotted and identified. The following list shows the list of movie posters that were stolen from foreign movie posters.

Copy-paste posters and movies:

In addition to copy-paste poster, copy-paste advertisements are also seen in Nepali media.

That’s not all, we have seen the logos of almost all of the banks in Nepal were also copied from the logos of other foreign institutions. (read about बैंकहरुको लोगोको डिजाइन चोरि  in our Nepali blog.)

Read about the articles in National media, that were stolen from foreign media (in Nepali blog).

Another blog post on the copy-pasting of book covers of Nepali books (book cover plagiarism)

Even academic research papers were also found to be wholly copied from another paper by one of the top official of Tribhuvan University.

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