Nepali Movie – Sano Sansar (2008)

Quest Entertainment presents, Nepali Movie: Sano Sansar
Directed by Alok Nembang
Production Quest Entertainment
Starring: Namrata Shrestha, Binay Sharestha, Jiwan Luitel, Arjun Shrestha, Sushila Rayamajhi, Nir Shah, Jyoti Rana etc.

An average guy named Ravi (Karma) has just graduated from his college. Ravi doesn’t know what he wants in life, like most of the new graduates. In the other hand, Reetu (Namrata) is a not an average girl and she knows what she doesn’t want. And there is another character named Suraj (Vinay Shrestha), a sureheaded fellow who knows what he wants in his life. Monoj Sizapati (Jeevan) wants what every guys wants. In the little world (‘Sano Sansar’) they live in, everyone knows everyone else even if they think they do not know them….

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The movie was the first movie of the actress Namrata Shrestha. The movie was a hit movie – establishing Namrata as a credible actress. She is now considered one of the most talented actress in the Nepali film industry.

29 thoughts on “Nepali Movie – Sano Sansar (2008)

  1. Very good movie
    It demonstrates the of today’s world and the condition of today’s generation and it has truth
    So its pretty good film, ramro cha

  2. m little bit satisfied about the the change in the concept of making Nepali movies after seeing this. But still this is not the way you do for the progress.Though the concept of this movie is good but some where you missed every thing to put on for to create golden colour. I mean the background music and songs are so stupid as per the story and it is too slow. i hope you will improve in your next movie all these and present to the audiance.

  3. this film i did not get as much i expected.role playing style is better in the aspect of hero and heroin.but as a whole story is not weighty.just roaming here and there but not with meaning good,what to say for that?

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  5. can anyone post the torrent link for this movie. the original DVD rip???
    i want it in HD so can see it in my home theater!

    Thanks in advance :-)

  6. thank you for this movie and it goes to that person who is running it. Any way this movie is great and in the contest of nepali movie this movie is almost match with the current situation, which is goin on. once again thank you so much before i tryed to watch this video but it was not show up.

  7. thank you you give chance to watch sano sansar. i was waiting for this moviee so thanks for the moviee. and moviee is best . and i think director need to be best same that alok, and bhusan dahal.

    thank you very much this two director and all the best we all nepali expect again best moviee from you director

    thank you very much sano sansar.

  8. what the hell this movie !! while thy chat in computer
    laptop why thy dont ask web see each other
    if thy dont have thy could share picture
    this is stupid..!!! i dont belive director why he forget
    such a common small things..!!!wake up….

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