Nepali Movie – Trishul

Nepali Movie – Trishul
StarringRajesh Hamal, Nikhil Upreti, Nabin Shrestha, Tripti Nadkar, Nandita KC, Yuna Upreti, Sushil Pokharel, Puspa Pradhan, Deepak Shrestha etc.
Director – Deepak Shrestha

The movie video is not available now.

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About ‘Trisul’

The movie ‘Trisul’ is a presentation of Cine Kala Movie. The lyrics of the movie is witten by Dayaram Pandey, Suraj Subba music by Mahesh Khadka, choreography by Raju Shah, cinematography Kishor Dhakal, action by NB Maharjan, Rajani Pant is the editor. The director Deepak Shrestha has also written the story of the movie.

The movie is a typical masala movie.

Star Cast of ‘Trishul’

The movie ‘Trishul’ features the well known actors of the Nepali film industry including the superstars Rajesh Hamal and Nikhil Upreti. The actress Tripti Nadkar is also the new attraction in the movie.

Rajesh Hamal is going to be featued as a woman in his upcoming movie ‘Shakungtala’. Nikhil made a successful comeback in ‘Bhairav’. He has also directed the movie. After a long gap from the film industry, Tripti Nadkar has also felt the nee dto return to the Nepali film industry.

Actress Nandita KC and Yuna Upreti are well known new age actress. Nandita is struggling in the film industry whereas Yuna Upreti is living in the USA.

The director Deepak Shrestha is well known director.Th e child artist of the movie is Sahista Khanal.

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‘Trishul’ preview poster:

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