Friday Release – Ke Ma Timro Hoina Ra and Birano Maya

UPDATE: Two movies are releasing today. Another new release is ‘Birano Maya’. The details on ‘Birano Maya’ is updated at the end.

The new releases of Nepali movies this week, on May 13, 2016 (Baisakh 31, 2073) are Aakash Adhikari presentation movie ‘Ke Ma Timro Hoina Ra’ and ‘Birano Maya’. The movie directed by Aakash Adhikari introduces actor Aryan Adhikari and actress Marika Pokharel in the nepali movie industry. The movie also features Gauri Malla, Mithila Sharma, Prajwal Sujal Giri, Suren Basel and others.

ke-m-timro-hain-ra friday release

The movie ‘Ke Ma Timro Hoina Ra’ features the action of Himal KC, choreography of Renasha Rai and Basanta Shrestha. The editors of the movie are Arjun GC and Bhupendra Adhikari. The producer is Suresh Adhikari.  The movie is made jointly under Adhikari Brothers Pictures and the Sky Movies banners.

I had shared the audio songs of ‘Ke Ma Timro Hoina Ra’ in an earlier post.

An earlier report on the release of the first look of the movie:

The trailer of ‘Ke Ma Timro Hoina Ra’

There was a report of the signing of actress Mariska Pokharel in the sequel of ‘Chapali Height’.

Birano Maya

Nepali movie ‘Birano Maya’ is directed by Madhev Kharel. The movie features Shree Dev Bhattarai, Namrata Sapkota, Rohit Rumba, Deepasha BC etc. in main roles. The movie made on the investment of Milan Lama and Sabitri Adhikari is told to be a love story movie.

The director Khanal says that the movie is made on the original Nepali language and presents the Nepali culture.

Trailer of ‘Birano Maya’

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