Neplai Movie – Kasam Hajurko

Neplai Movie – Kasam Hajurko
StarringRekha Thapa, Jiwan Luitel, Richa Ghimire, Raj Ballav Koirala etc.
Director – Ram Raja Dahal

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About ‘Kasam Hajurko’

A movie by a beautiful producer, Krisha Chaulagain, ‘Kasam Hajurko’ is a presentation of KP Films. A presentation of Kripa Chapagain, the movie is made on the story of Shivam Adhikari. The music dierector is Tara Prakash Limbu. The singers in the movie are Dipak Limbu, Anju Panta, Shiva Pariyar, and Tara Prakash Limbu. The lyrics are written by Dayaram Pandy and Neresh Bhattarai. The choreographer is Gobinda Rai, action by Shakar Maharjan and Ratna Ghaula. The cinematographer is Krishna Chapagain. The background music is composed by Manoj Rajbhandari, film editing by Manoranjan Shrestha and Ananta.

According to the viewers in xnepali, the movie is a mix of two Bollywood movies ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ and ‘Shaadi Se Pehle’. Although copied from good Bollywood movies, the Nepali movie is worse than them.

The movie was released in 2010,

Star Cast of ‘Kasam Hajurko’

At the time of the release of the movie in 2010, the producer, Krisha Chaulagain, had told that she was heartbroken as her boyfriend – the director of the movie, Ramraja Dahal, left her before the completion of the movie. She had told, “Ramraja has broken my heart. But, I believe the viewers will not break my heart.” I thought that was more like a promotional strategy rather than a tragic end of a love story.

The movie features some of the best actors of that time – Rekha Thapa, Jiwan Luitel, Richa Ghimire, and Raj Ballav Koirala. Rekha was the number one actress in the industry. Jiwan Luitel was also one of the top actors in the industry. Hot and dusky actress Richa Ghimire was also liked by many. Actor Raj Ballav Koirala was known for his lover boy looks and acting skills.

Biography of Rekha Thapa and the list of movies featuring Rekha:

‘Kasam Hajurko’ poster

kasham hajurko nepali movie poster

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