Nepali Women are Slimming Up to show off at the New York Nepali Ladies Night

Nepali women in New York, USA are going to meet on June 2, 2018 at Belozino Hall in Jackson Height. This is a yearly event in which Nepali-American women come together to celebrate womanhood. The event help to build stronger relationship between them and is also an opportunity to showcase their talents.

According to the organizers, the Nepali Ladies Sanjh is “the most entertaining Nepali women night out signature yearly program for the Ladies and by the Ladies.”

Like previous years, Nepali ladies will showcase their talents on stage. According to the organizers, Nepali ladies have been preparing for the event for a long time. Some of them have been dieting and doing a lot of exercise to show off their fit and attractive bodies. One of the participants has claimed that she has lost 14 pounds for the event.

The organizers have been using the proceeds from the event for social works in Nepal and USA. In 2013 they had helped Sabika Thapa for her kidney transplant. In 2014 Prasa Tuladhar of New York was helped in her lungs treatment. In 2017 the the Gorkhaland movement victims were helped.

The organizers have also organized Kids Talent program in 2016, 2017 and 2018. In those vents more than 150 children have participated to show off their talents. It not only helped them to show off their talents, they also got the learning opportunity.

History of Nepali Ladies Night

It was in 2012, some Nepali women thought of meeting and having party together in New York. That was how the event started.

One of the hosts of the event, Muna, says “Our Sanjh would not have been the most memorable night without guys.”

Another lady, Pemba says, “If you happens to be in New York in June-July, make sure to check this event. The hottest and glamorous night for Nepali ladies.”

In 2012 the entry rate was $30 per person. The cost include dinner and drink. The organizers of the fist event were Mira Gurung, Muna Rai, Anita Tamang, Nima Lama and others. The event was held at Sagarmatha Restaurant and bar on April 21, 2012.

The second Nepali Ladies Night was held on June 1, 2013 at China Federation. The organizers of the event were Manita, Sidartha, Rekha, Nima, Mira, and Muna.

The third event was held on June 7, 2014 at Chian Federation. The event wasn’t held in 2015 because of the earthquake in Nepal. But, it resumed again the next year at the same venue.

The fourth event was held on June 11, 2016. at Chian Fedreation.

The fifth edition of the event was held on

Details of the event:

Event Name – Nepali Ladies Sanjh-6
Date – June 2, 2018
Time – 6 pm-2 am
Address – Belozino, 72-11 Roosevelt Ave., (in front of Himalayan Yak Restaurant), Jackson Heights, New York 11372
Price – $50

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