Can Krisha Chaulagai’s Love affair sell Kasam Hajurko?

A movie named ‘Kasam Hajurko’ is going to be released all over Nepal soon.   I am not very much sure, but the producer, Krisha Chaulagai, of Kasam Hajurko also seems to follow another producer and actress, Rekha’s style of marketing. Like Rekha Thapa’s latest release, Hifajat, Krisha is releasing the movie all over Nepal. Rekha’s promotional stunts did actually helped Hifajat’s popularity (although the ‘yellow dress‘ controversy also helped in it).

Krisha says that she is heartbroken as her boyfriend, Ramraja Dahal, has left her before she could complete her movie. Ramraja is not only her boyfriend but also the director of the movie. He did complete the direction but when he didn’t show up for the editing and other after-shooting stuffs. Krisha told that she had to do the post-production stuffs all by herself.

Krisha met Ramraja before they planned to do the movie together and broke-up during the production. Krisha said, ‘Ramraja has broken my heart. But, I believe the viewers will not break my heart.’
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