New Actress Deepika Prasain, debuting in Ramesh Upreti movie Aishwarya

Another new actress has debuted this year in Nepali movie industry. The new actress is Deepika Prasai, debuting in upcoming movie ‘Aishwarya’. The movie ‘Aishwarya’ is produced by the well known actor of Nepali movie industry, Ramesh Upreti.


The shooting of ‘Aishwarya’ is going on in various locations in Kathmandu. Originally a model, the actress is also being featured in a character of a model in the movie.

Who is Deepika Prasain?

Deepika Prasain is a 21-years-old Nepali actress. The bold and ambitious actress has a perfect figure actress is 5 feet and 6 inches tall.

In an interview with a women’s magazine, ‘Wow’, Deepika says that she is smart, charismatic and down-to-earth girl. Her biggest strength is her younger brother who had always been there for her in her good times and bad times.

About ‘Aishawarya’

The movie produced by Ramesh Upreti features Diwakar Bhattarai as the director of the movie. Arjun Shrestha and Nirmal Sharma are also the producers of the movie. With Deepika Prasain, Prasanta Tamrakar and Keki Adhikari are the leading actors in the movie. The director Diwakar Bhattarai has also written the script of the movie.

A well known actor of past, Ramesh Upreti made comeback as an actor in the movie released a while age, ‘Braslet’. The production partner of this movie, Nirmal Sharma was the director of ‘Braslet’. Ramesh had lived in the USA for a long time and came back to Nepal a couple of years ago and is trying to re-establish himself in the industry.



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