Friday Relase – Aishwarya of Ramesh Upreti and Deepika

This week, on the occassion of the popular festival of Terai, Chhat, new Nepali movie ‘Aishwarya’ is releasing in theatre (on October 27, 2017). Songs and the trailer of the movie was liked by the viewers. The movie featuring actor Ramesh Upreti with Deepika Prasain and Keki Adhikari in the leading role also features Prasanta Tamrakar, Arjun Shrestha, Nirmal Sharma and Tenju Yonjan in main roles.

The movie presented by a well known actor of the past, Ramesh Upreti is produced by Arjun Shrestha and Kiran Rana Upreti. The actor Nirmal Sharma ‘Gaida’ is also the executive producer of the movie. The movie directed by Deewakar Bhattarai features the cinematography of Sudip Baral, music by Arjun Pokharel and choregoraphty of Tenju Yonjan.
In the beginning only Deepika Prasain and Ramesh Upreti were told to be the leading artists of the movie. Later, the fact that Keki is also in the movie was revealed.

Watch the trailer of the movie.

About Ramesh Upreti and his comeback

Actor Ramesh Upreti was a well known actor before he went to the USA. In the USA he married Kiran Rana and lived there until he was forced to return back to Nepal. According to unconfirmed reports, he failed to get Green Card like other Nepali artists and had to return back to Nepal.

After returning back to Nepal, Upreti’s comeback attempt were not that successful. He acted in movies like ‘Bracelet’ but wasn’t successful. The current movie ‘Aishwarya’ is expected to re-establish the actor in the film industry.

In an interview, Ramesh had revealed that he had lost 3.6 million in cards before he went to USA. He told that the US visit helped him to get over the habit of gambling and these days, he doesn’t gamble. Upreti was referring to the tradition to play cards in Tihar and how people get addicted to the habit of playing cards.

Who is Deepika Prasain

The actress of the movie, Deepika Prasain, became popular because of her beauty and the looks similar to a Bollywood actress, Sonam Kapoor. I had written about the actress in my previous post and talked about how she looks similar to the Bollywood actress.

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