Will Darpan Chhaya 2 earn Rs. 120 million? Watch trailer, and guess.

The trailer of ‘Darpan Chhaya 2’ has been recently released. The sequel of a superhit – record breaking movie ‘Darpan Chhaya’, doesn’t feature any original cast. The leading actors Dilip Rayamajhi and Uttam Pradhan couldn’t make it to the sequel. So, the movie features new artists.

When asked, if the sequel can earn as the original movie, the director Tulsi Ghimire says that the movie will earn “12 karore” (that is, 120 million). Do you think the sequel has the potential to earn that much money?

The original movie ‘Darpan Chhaya’ had earned 6 crore (60 million). Ghimire says that his movie will earn at least the double that amount. Tulsi Ghimire has set his belief in being successful on mostly the new artists – Puspal, Shahara Karki, Shraddha Prasai and Saroj Khanal. The musical love story movie is being produced by Sabu Karki and Rabi Karki, US resident NRN.

The movie is schedule to release in the last week of Falgun.

About ‘Darpan Chhaya’ the original movie

The movie ‘Darpan Chhaya’ helped actor Dilip Rayamajhi and Niruta Singh to raise in fame and establish themselves in the Nepali movie industry. The other leading actor, Uttam Pradhan, however wasn’t that lucky. Directed by director Tulsi Ghimire – one of the most successful directors of all time had also produced the movie.

Read more details about the movie in its own page and watch ‘Darpan Chhaya’ here.

Because of the popularity of the original movie, others also tried making similar movies. One such movies is titled ‘Jindagani Darpan Chhaya’ – a similar name. But, the movie produced few years ago wasn’t much successful. You can watch ‘Jindagani Darpan Chhaya’ here.

Please comment about the trailer and compare with the original movie.

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