Nikhil and Sanchita married secretly

nikhil_sanchita_married After much speculation and gossips, Nikhil Upreti and Sanchita Luintel have married at last. The media was kept is dark about the marriage for more than a year and Nikhil has finally revealed the truth while departing to Mumbai on March 14, 2010. Nikhil told, “Actually, it has already been 13 months since we got married.”

“We choose not to make it public as it is a private affair.”, he added. According to Saptahik weekly, Sanchita  also admitted the fact about the marriage.

Nikhil and Sanchita first met in 2003. The relationship wasn’t that cordial in the initial stage. They have been dating for the last three years. Both were married previously: Sanchita was divorced and Nikhil was trying to get free of his 7 year long love marriage. In spite of his family’s wish Nikhil married Kopila Upreti, his first wife, some seven years back.

The friendship between Nikhil and Sanchita started when they acted in Sovit Basnet’s movie “Chor Sipahi” (movie part) in 2005. The move was successful and they again acted in five more movies together. Maryada, Daag, Yuddha, Vijayapath, and Maya ta Maya ho are the movies one can see Nikhil and Sanchita together.

34 thoughts on “Nikhil and Sanchita married secretly

  1. hellow nikhil da and sancita u2 are married thats cool anyway iam roma chhetri from new zealand … nikhil da iam impress with da nice to meet u da

  2. hi nikhil and sanchita how r u ……?and where r u now ?pls return back the nepal.
    this is the coman sutiotain in your life dont worry,your thinking is bad because
    who is not happening but this is problems solving is best idea.
    thanks nikhil ji happy second marrage an god weshes for u.this my ambition for you.

  3. hi nikel n sanchita ur not good man or human beings ur 2 r better 2 die that is good .u2 n ur wife mind is same when u got trouble ur wife also get y u not try 2 understand that .i think u bouth know humanbeing’s feeling .stop playning drama because that movie’s dosen’t give u nalauge it teach u only abont romand’s how u bhealive sanchita may be c can left u also .nikhelji kanchi bhana sabda ta 1 time dram movie ma show gharaa dhakanu la an than how u fell n think about ur wife ho love u like ur little grow how much u love sanchita mare than sanchita plznikhel ji i think u 2 better 2 die bec when u both ur wife c her mind like a ……….mind it .tapi lai kati lai rup ma hoina hanit ma dhan dinu la

  4. you know why nikhil bro???????? i hate boys like you, someboys married to play girls and leave it, dammmmmmmmmm u have two wifes, and it was noy okey to have 2, have you ever think about your family and your children feature, i know ur actor but it dosn’t mean every sctor have to mrried 2,,,,,,,, ); but anyway try to make your 2 wifes happy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  5. k ho ta nikhil ji yesto pani garne ho, anyway I always perfer to see ur jodi with sanchita but then also i am little sad that you leave ur little kids and wife, so best idea is to keep both of them together happily,best of luck wanna see you the no 1 actor in nepali film industry. frm USA

  6. hi nikahl ji..i heard that u got married with sancita . i dont know is that true ..i wanna to request that plz left sanchita n come to ur family plzz….. cuz u hav to think that ur son future… do u know sancita cant stay with u long time so, come to ur son n wife life ok plzzzz…. my request laaaa

  7. sancita u show ur good behaviour. i wanna to ask u one question that .. yy u left ur first husband ??ha? u already know that nikhal hav wife n son so, yy u married with him ha?? non sence gril… i never saw this type of gril in world.. if u do this type of behaviour no one care to as a actress so , dont try to broke nikhal family okokok . i thought that ur simple heronine but now ur not okokok .. gud job keep doing with other also ok live nikhal with 1 month n go with other also okok

  8. Nikhil is my best hero. Any thing he does is good .No argument in personal life………………………….. do ur best for ur “kopile n child” too…………..

  9. It’s really ridiculous that such an irresponsible act was done by responsible persons, Now we are very clear that most of the characterless persons are involved in the Nepali Film Industry, one of the key reasons of the industry going downward…..shame to those so called top Hero/Heroine..

  10. are you mad nikhil.In man life there are so many girl who say iloveyou but one is that who give you more love.maan parayana haggar bitichhan june katna euta huncha. that is your wife kopila.

  11. Mr/Mrs hero and Heroien; so far if it is real its extermely bad yourself and in the kolly wood as well because both of you are good actor now you know what happened? “MAN PAREKO KETA JETHAJU PARO” JASTAI BHAYO how people they will response to you ? that you have acted or will acting movie. don’t think nepal is like india or any other country. any way its your personal life but on the other hand both of you have to keep in mind your personality is not normal like audiance people. you have choosen the track to give some positive message for the society. Now what you give acting movie like marriage as u like an animal? devorce, marriage, and marriage devorce it is discausing and terrible . i’m so sorry for your wife six months child and husband even you (sanchita) gave devorce.

  12. hay this is really disrespectful in the flim line.this teach other to do so.please stop this type of activities all over the country.stop distroying other house.think about urs child life also.foolish.

  13. hey its too bad in film line u give other people lesson and doing samething know one belive u . And i promise that u both never become happy.

  14. We all knew that Nikhil is a irresponsible man. He havnt sense of being father of 6 months old child. How he can be a hero ?? Jumping from a 7 storeid house or from hill or making bunjy jump doesn’t make hero. Now we got a chance to see your actual Image. How you can claim to be a superstar if there Rajesh Hamal exist ?????

  15. nikhil u r hero now now u r zero u play good types of movie and u have to know all thing wht happen in movie and if u dont like ur wife y u married in first and u have baby also how could u left her now u r became sence less hero and no one care u ok ……….and left that girl and go to ur family

  16. oh nikhil bro aasto pani garna huncha tapai ta sex ko nasa ma duber aafno santan ra image ko pani khal garnu vaan hai aani sanchita poi napaako vay ratna park ma gaako vay pani vaihalthiuo ni ho j vay pani last ma alaways happy your marrige life by.

  17. specially for nikhil if sanchita can left her first husband who has no children no wife what u think she can stay with u whole life? i dont think so,it was so funny and stupid.

  18. stupid sooooooooooooooooo dom yarrrrrrrr it’s not gud to have two wife u have idea to keep them togther hahahahahahah funney crazy u crazy hikhil wow stupid.

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