Nikhil and Sanchita aren’t married, Kopila Upreti

Kopila UpretiAvenues TV has brought another version of the story of marriage between Nikhil Upreti and Sanchita Luitel. Avenues TV’s telephone interview with Kopila Upreti, Mrs. Nikhil Upreti, tells that the news is fake. She also told that she has talked with Nikhil Upreti about the news. According to Kopila, Nikhil will conduct a press conference on Sunday, when he returns from Mumbai, to reveal the reality. Nikhil and Kopila have a 6 month old child.

We also wish the news was fake and the married life of Kopila and Nikhil will continue till death do them part!

Video of the interview follows: (removed)

3 thoughts on “Nikhil and Sanchita aren’t married, Kopila Upreti

  1. kukur ra kukurni rahe6n nikhil ra sanchita maile ball vane ris ta paile dekhi nai thiyo marna pani kati time lako e papi harulai ajai kati bachni hun kunni samajma bikirti phailai dustaharu

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