Nilu death suspicious, was the only lesbian Nepali film maker

The 33-years-old director, Nilu Doma Sherpa, died on July 1, 2017 (read the news). The death of Nilu is termed suspicious because of unexplained events leading to her death. Here are some of the facts that have made the death suspicious:

  • Nilu was in party mood and had participated in the marriage of Nisha Adhikari on Friday. She was also present in the Mehendi ceremony held on Wednesday. She was in jolly mood in that event. She had also shared photo of the marriage and the Mehandi ceremony.
  • In the news, it was reported that she complained at 2:00 AM in the night. But, she was taken to the hospital after more than six hours. She was already dead when she reached hospital. Questions are raised why the delay was caused.
  • In the news, there are two conflicting health conditions. She was reportedly having depression issues for some time. In addition to that, she was also told to have liver issues. The cause of death however is unrelated – she is told to have died of heart attack. To a layman like me – the cause of death and the health issues are unrelated. (May be some medical doctor might enlighten me.)

Nilu was a lesbian

Nilu was the first and the only film maker who had openly openly admitted that she was a lesbian. In a documentary she made she has told, “I am Nilu and I am a lesbian, homosexual, or gay, however you want to put it.” Watch the following video report for the details:

Ours is a very unforgiving society when sexuality is concerned. It is a huge courage to admit one’s sexuality to the public and Nilu was very strong in that matter. Being a lesbian herself, she was able to rightly make the movie about lesbian love in ‘Soongava’. Nilu was the assistant director of the movie.

Nilu used to wear tomboy looks – a clear indication of her sexuality. She used to say, “personality should not be defined by one’s sexuality.”

A Twitter friend’s question:

Media coverages:

Setopati says – “The family members didn’t want to talk about it.”

Nagariknews says – “The doctors told that it was heart failure.”

Onlinekhabar also states it was heart attack.

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