Nirmal Purja, Nimsdai invited Salman Khan to Nepal

After making some unreal world records, Nirmal Purja, is planning a promotional program in Nepal. He is inviting some of the well known figures in the world to Nepal and organize a huge program. In that process, Nimsdai was in Mumbai inviting Salman Khan, the most popular Bollywood star, to Nepal. He has shared a photo with Salman in his social media posts about his invitation and the indication that Salman has accepted the invitation.

A video report on this:

On the new year, Nirmal Purja was in the South Pole. While there he had also made some records on being the first Nepali to ski in the South Pole.

Nirmal’s documentary, “Fourteen Peaks – Nothing is Impossible” had made a good impression in the world. When it was released in Netflix in November, it made into the Top movies list. The documentary was premiered in the UK, USA and Nepal. I did a video report on the premier show in Kathmandu. The show had some well known celebrities as guests and the minister of tourism was also present at the show.

Sharing the news about the movie being selected in the BAFTA longlist, Nirmal Purja wrote, “When I was a kid, we had no TV in our house, as out of excitement, I used to peek through the neighbors window to watch their telly and when I got caught, I got told off! From that point to now making one of the biggest mountaineering feature films, filming the whole content when we didn’t even had the funding… it’s the vision, idea and the intent that’s what matters. It literally shows the world that nothing is impossible. This was always about more than one person, this was about showing the world what’s possible. It’s about recognizing Nepal and the climbing community of Nepal for their hard work and contribution to mountaineering and it’s about dedication, commitment and achieving your new possible. This film is changing the world and how the world sees Nepal and mountaineering. It’s about inspiring global mindset change – you can achieve your new possible! Thank you to everyone who has supported it, shared posts and recommendations on social media and made it one of the biggest Netflix documentaries of 2021. It was always your film, so you know what the right thing to do is – Let’s make some noise for #14Peaks and make a statement.”

I hope Nimsdai’s promotion program will be a hit and would be as great as his other feats. Let’s all wish him all the best.

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