When Priyanka and Swastima refused to dance with Salman Khan …

The organizers of the Da-bangg Tour Nepal 2018 were stressed out when popular actresses like Priyanka Karki, Swastima Khadka and ‘Thamel Bazaar ‘ dancer Alisha Rai refused to dance in Salman Khan’s concert. The organizers have convinced Sushma Karki and Mala Limbu to dance in the stage in the program. In addition to the actresses two singers including Rajesh Payal Rai have agreed to sing in the program.

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Why did Priyanka, Swastima and Alisha refused?

When you look at a broader picture, sharing stage with Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan, is a huge honour. Nepali film industry is a very tiny industry when compared to the Indian film industry. Salman is one of the top actors in Bollywood. So, it sure was a huge opportunity. But, Nepali actresses have taken a bold step to refuse the honour because of the way they were approached.

According to Swastima Khadka, they weren’t properly approached for the task. The summary of what she told was:

  • They were asked in an “undignified” way
  • They were asked to perform for free
  • They also had to dance in chorus instead of being the lead in performance.

Swastima told, “It is not about money or being chorus. It is more about the way they approached us.”

Who will dance with Salman Khan?

Priyanka Karki is know as one of the best dancers in the industry. Swastima Khadka is the dancer of ‘Kutu Ma Kutu..’ the song that is the most viewed music video in YouTube. Apart from being a good song, Swastima is also one of the reasons the song has become so popular. Alisha Rai is also a very good dancer and is popular for the dance in ‘Loot 2’ song ‘Thamel Bazar’.

The dancers who are replacing them are not as good as these three although Mala Limbu is quite popular for the dance moves in a popular song ‘Kale Dai’. She is a good stage dancer. Another dancer, Sushma Karki, was popular when the item song of ‘Loot’ – the original film was released. After that, there are no other song or dance number of Sushma Karki.

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