Nepal to U.S.A., Nisha Adhikari pregnancy diary

The latest Week 39 day 6 photo of Nisha Adhikari’s Pregnancy is interesting pose beside a water body (a river or a lake):

Video report:

Nisha Adhikari started it by announcing her pregnancy on the New Year – January 1, 2018.

She told: After she cut her hair in 2015 – the hair has grown long again! After three years, she took the photo of her long hair before she cut it again after three years.

2nd trimster: Week 21, day 4:

2nd Trimester. Week 21 day 4! 1st trimester was tiring plus jhyanakuti's release, shooting for movies and acute dust allergy were not helping at all. Second however, is fun. Got my energy back, watching my weight & diet and exercising. #Yoga and #meditation keep me calm and balanced. Enjoying every bit of It. #happyaama with a #happybaby (hopefully). It has started moving a lot. 🤗🤗🤗 subtle reminder of it's companionship!!! #pregnancy #pregnancygram #preggodiaries #inspirepregnancy #thebump #firstbaby …and I thought I had experienced life and It was finally time to do that only thing left to do and also that one thing I had always felt I was born to be… Enjoy #motherhood , become a #mother. I was wrong. I am experiencing fascination. This is a complete #transformation, a new beginning, feeling alive is an understatement… this is #adventure, being one with the nature, understanding the rythm & importance of creation and existence and birth, life& death at the same time. This is beyond what I thought It was. 😇 blessed! To every pregnant lady out there…I wish you n your baby loads of happiness, love and #safemotherhood. ❤ #circleoflife #thebumpstorynepal

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Waking up to the warmth…the best feeling ever. #sunrise

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And :


Absolute sweethearts! Prem dai and @reema_bishwokarma 😍

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#joyofliving #thebumpstorynepal

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Always the happiest to be outdoors. #hiking 🤗 #thebumpstorynepal

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Lunch time:

Went for a lunch at the world bank yesterday as a visitor. Diverse and fun!

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Controversial photo:

Still long hair:

😊 I completely understand that many get uncomfortable with pregnancy posts and pictures with the bump.😊 I don't blame you. Our society has failed to teach and make us feel comfortable with the most natural occurance of life. We have trailed off so far away from the basic and natural and the most important aspects of our existence and life. Topics like safe sex, mentruation, pregnancy, safe motherhood, post-partum recovery, mental health, proper parenting (for both men and women), child psycology and so many important topics don't make It to our day to day conversation. It's high time we break away from the wrong rythm and make it right. I can't just post about glamour, my work, touched up pictures, pretty little lies and I can't always promote consumerism. That's not me, that's just a tiny part of me. I believe in many other things and appreciate things like minimalism, proper utilisation of resources, empowerment (men and women), adventures and above all believe in promoting and talking about the most natural, real and basic events in life like safe menstruation, pregnancy, mental health, meditation and nature. I can only kindly request you to unfollow me If any of you don't like my posts. 🤗 why share negativity if it can be avoided!! Right?? ✌✌ #peace #thebumpstorynepal

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Yoga time:

Long hair again:

I suffered from accute dust allergy during my 2nd and 3rd month which weakened me. I always had dust and fungi allergy but failed to realise that the immune system during pregnancy goes so low, It s insane. At the time when oxygen is needed the most for me and my baby, I could barely breathe. I decided to escape pollution after I started seeing blood spots in my cough. The doctor told me, I could develop asthma later on, if that continued to happen. I told this to my brother and he immediately took charge of the situation. Since he is the only family away from Nepal, who could take care of me properly I came to stay with him .I am in a pollution free zone now and my health has improved a great deal. I have started doing outdoor activities and I love the long walks and the short hikes. These nine months of pregnancy is all about you and your baby. Just think of you two and do what you are comfortable with. Survival and health first…everything else is completely secondary. ❤❤❤ #thebumpstorynepal

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30th week:


34th week:

Sharad in USA:

💑 @sharadcric Pic: @clashik9t

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Short hair:

Went bald again with brother and husband:

Puntey and Sharad :)

Sharad with puntey Sharad. 😍 @sharadcric #thebumpstorynepal

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with Guru:

Hair. No hair. Short hair. Long hair. No short hair. No long hair. Coloured hair. No coloured hair. Doesn't matter! What matters is I wanted go bald and I did. Not once, twice. My parents still love me the same way. My husband thinks I am beautiful no matter what. My baby will look upto me and will love this version of his mommy. I think It is beautiful to be able to execute freedom in true sense in life without a second thought. Living life in your own terms. Finding beauty in every moment and redefining beauty and normality. Climbing mountains, choosing a profession I am passionate about, choosing a life partner of my compatibility, raising my voice against the wrong and also taking a complete ownership of how my body and my hair should be. Everything is equally important as long as I am harming no one. 🤗 of course you all are entitled to your own opinions and I am grateful for your love and criticisms. The reason I felt like responding was, coz I am on the verge of giving birth to a new life and this, at the same time has made me super aware of the cycle…the natural cycle of life and death. Long hair no long hair. Doesn't matter. What really matters is, to realise, how smartly and wickedly we have been conditioned to follow a certain pattern of living, creating the mess we are, in today's world ( a certain sexuality being ok, consumerism, definition and promotion of a certain type of beauty and so on) There are more meaningful and more fulfilling things we should be taking into account and we should be discussing about. 🤗 we need to liberate ourselves from the suffocating norms and grow beyond that. Grow beyond judgements, expand beyond the limit set by others. 😊 Just Be your own self. The most beautiful you is when you take ownership of your definition of beauty and execute it. Transform. Change. Grow. Bloom. ❤

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38 weeks and 5 days of pregnancy and heading towards the full term. Sharad n me hve attended 2 labor n birthing classes n both of us are mentally prepared for the final day. It has been a blessed journey for both of us with equal excitement and involvement. Sharad has taken care of both me and our child in a manner I had never expected, making me realise the importance of a strong and loving partner during pregnancy. And he turned out to be a fantastic cook too.😍 He will be there with me in the delivery room, my doula! 😅 reminding me to breathe and massaging my lower back. We hve practiced!!. 😎 @sharadcric thank you for being an amazing partner. You will be a great father!! Women need to make an effort to allow, welcome and educate men, when it comes to women's health and pregnancy. You will be amazed. They respond and make things happen. My dad, my brother and my husband have been actively involved in making my pregnancy a memorable one. 😊 Afterall life is all about experiences and there is nothing more magical than being a part of bringing a new life to this world…which is not just a women's thing!!! It's a teamwork!! 😇 #thebumpstorynepal

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And the latest:

The Grand Finale. Week 39 day 6. Enjoying these last precious moments together, out in #nature, almost everyday. 10 months of rapid tranformations in every which way possible; physical,mental, emotional, spiritual…the profound connection to nature by experiencing the rythm and magic of creation. The lil human inside me has constantly reminded me to listen to my body, trust my instincts and be patient. I have been reminded every day that we can't beat nature, we are nature and the sooner we sync in without resistance the healthier It is for the cycle of life to continue as It should. Don't rush. Don't overthink. Don't force. The most magical experiences in life may require a certain amount of time… go with the flow. Enjoy the journey and let yourself flow… This is the most valuable lesson I have learnt which I will try to implement in every single project I take on. Big or small, personal or professional… My level of respect and sensitivity towards the feminine source of energy has increased tremendously. The earth, girls, women, animals…every female body that opens up with such grace to conceive life and executes such strength and power to hold that life: protect it and nurture it; risks her entire existence to give that life a chance… to breathe…chance to see this world! The beauty that lies therein, the love, the innemurous sacrifices, the melt down of the strongest ones: redefining strength and power, which actually lies on the inner softness and flow and finally, the acute realisation of it all. What a magical experience! To all the mother's out there, It is so so important to value your strength and realise what you are capable of in life.You ve priortized to continue the cycle of life over your own existence.You have chosen to give birth.I firmly believe that mothers have the capacity to restore the natural balance of equality; with love, respect, peace and consideration.Afterall, the ones who dominate and the ones who suffer from the dominance, both are given lives to, nurtured and brought up by us!! Thank you for all the good wishes and blessings. Hope to reappear with our lil monkey soon! @sharadcric you are the best! ❤ Thank you! 🙏👼

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