Nepal to U.S.A., Nisha Adhikari pregnancy diary

The latest Week 39 day 6 photo of Nisha Adhikari’s Pregnancy is interesting pose beside a water body (a river or a lake):

Video report:

Nisha Adhikari started it by announcing her pregnancy on the New Year – January 1, 2018.

She told: After she cut her hair in 2015 – the hair has grown long again! After three years, she took the photo of her long hair before she cut it again after three years.

2nd trimster: Week 21, day 4:

And :





Lunch time:


Controversial photo:

Still long hair:

Yoga time:

Long hair again:

30th week:


34th week:

Sharad in USA:

Short hair:

Went bald again with brother and husband:

Puntey and Sharad :)

with Guru:

And the latest:

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