4 pregnant celebrities – Priyanka Karki, Reecha Sharma, Garima Panta and Singh

At least four celebrities are expecting child in coming few months. The celebrities include :

A video report on it:

Reecha Sharma and Deepekshya Bikram Rana

Reecha got married with Deepkakshya last year. After a year of marriage, the couple has decided to welcome the third member in their family. Reecha shared the good news in Facebook while watering a plant she had planted in her home to welcome the new member of the family.
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7 Miss Nepal gathered for Zenisha Moktan baby shower (Dahi Chiura)

The Miss Nepal 2009, Zenisha Moktan, is expecting her first baby this month (in December 2017). A traditional baby shower was organized by the ex-Miss Nepals for Moktan in which seven Miss Nepal showed up. Including Zenisha there are eight Miss Nepal in the following photo:

From Left to Right : Asmi Shrestha (Miss Nepal 2016), Usha Khadgi (Miss Nepal 2000), Priti Sitaula (Miss Nepal 2003), Zenisha Moktan (Miss Nepal 2009, the mother-to-be), Sadichha Shrestha (Miss Nepal 2020), Shweta Singh (Miss Nepal 1999) and Sugarika KC (Miss Nepal 2007)

Among the ex-Miss Nepal present in the ceremony, Sadichha and Asmi were the only two unmarried Miss Nepal and they were the only ones who are not mothers yet. Malvika Subba had given birth to a son in 2016.

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Another Miss Nepal is going to be a mother, Zenisha Moktan announces pregnancy

After Miss Nepal 1995 Sumi Khadka, Miss Nepal World 1997 Jharana Bajracharya and Miss Nepal 2002 Malvika Subba, now it is the turn of another ex-Miss Nepal to become a mother. Miss Nepal 2009, Zenisha Moktan, who got married last year (read Zenisha’s marriage report), is going to give birth to a child soon. Moktan with a clearly visible baby bump is in a vacation in preparation for the child birth.

The expectant mother and father had organized a party to announce the pregnancy a while ago. Here is a short video report of the event.

Is it a boy or a girl?

The couple had also announced if it is a boy or a girl in the event. To create the suspense they played a game. To-be father held two balloons with blue coloured confetti in one and pink coloured confetti in another. To-be mother had held two plates with pink and blue confetti in them. While Dikesh Malhotra created a tension by taking time in squishing one of the balloons, Zenisha waited excitedly to throw the confetti from one of the plates.
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Rejina Upreti has become the newest mother in Nepali film industry

Actress Rejina Upreti has given birth to a daughter on the evening of November 21, 2016. The child was born by a c-section surgery. Both the child and mother are told to be healthy and recovering. The newborn was born at 7:12 PM and weighted 3.35 kg at birth.

Video report:

Who is Rejina Upreti ?

Actress Rejina Upreti was an actress and a producer of a movie ‘Bardaan’. The production however became a disaster. Her production partner lodged a complaint against Rejina (read details in nepaliactress). They later patched up.
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After 8 months in hiding following marriage, Simpal Khanal shows a big belly

After getting married in January of 2016, actress and model Simpal Khanal left Nepal with her husband, Nadeem. After that, there is no news about where she is living and what she is doing. After almost 8 months of marriage, Simpal Khanal was seen in social media for the first time to share the big belly she has developed. All she has told is that she is expecting a baby and she thought it was the “biggest gift” she could get. There is no information about the due date and the details about where she is living now.

Simpal Khanal debuted in Nepali movie industry as an actress in ‘Majhi Dai’. After the first movie, she didn’t appear in other movies for a long time until appearing in ‘Adhyaya’. Watch Simpal’s movies:

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Pregnant Kshitiza Shakya does a belly photo shot

A well known model and ‘Miss Nepal’ film actress Kshitiza Shakya has become pregnant for the second time. She is due on Ashad 20. A mother of a 12-years-old daughter, Kshitiza is very excited to become a mother after a long time. Like foreign models and actors, Kshitiza has also done a phtoshot of her belly for a weekly magazine.

In a statement, Kshitiza has told that her belly photoshot is dedicated to the earthquake victims of April 25 earthquake. She says, “I have heard of many miscarriages at the time of earthquake.” Kshitiza feels proud that the baby has been safe in the devastating earthquake. The photoshot was done in the photo studio of photographer Sanjay Rauniyar.

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Saranga Shrestha pregnant right after marriage

Within a month of her marriage, actress Saranga Shrestha is reportedly pregnant. Saranga and Ramesh Karki (KC) had engaged in Christmas last year and married in court on February 1, 2013. Saranga had told that she was planning to perform the marriage ceremony according to the traditional norms in Nepal.

After the latest report of being pregnant, the marriage ceremony to be held in Nepal is canceled. Saranga has postponed her Nepal visit and is planning to come to Nepal with her baby.

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Sanchita pregnant again?

It has only been 7 months since Nikhil and Sanchita had their first child – and there is rumor of another child in Sanchita’s belly.

The first child was scheduled to be delivered on August 10 but took a little while before he was born on August 21, on Krishna Janmastami. It is a coincidence that Sanchita’s next baby’s delivery date is also the same – August 10, exactly a year after the delivery date of her first child.

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Arunima expecting a daughter on Nov. 26

The doctor of Arunima Lamsal have estimated the birth date of her first child to be on November 26, 2011 (Mangsir 10). After the fetal ultrasound, to Arunima’s delight, the doctors have also confirmed that her first baby will be a girl.

Talking to an online magazine, Arunima told that she and the family members are so excited that that they have already started calling her the "Young Arunima".

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Sanchita Luitel – baby and pregnant belly (Photos)

Sanchita Luitel gave birth to the little boy on August 21, 2011. Both the mother and the child are well and Nikhil Upreti has also arrived from Mumbai to meet his child.

UPDATE: Sanchita with her newborn child:

Posted below are some photos before the birth of the child:

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Rekha Thapa planning to be a mom in 5 years

Looks like, it is the season of  actresses being mom in Bollywood and in Nepali movie industry. Soon after the news of Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai expecting a child, rumor of pregnancy of another actress, Lara Dutta, proved to be true.

In our Nepali movie industry, pregnancy of Arunima Lamsal and news of Sanchita Luitel expecting twins after her second marriage with Nikhil Upreti created an unique environment to bring together the five top actresses in Nepali movie industry.

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Best wishes of Rekha, Rejina and Richa to Pregnant actresses Sanchita and Arunima

In Nepal, pregnant women are fed beaten rice and yogurt (Dahi Chiura) to wish for the health of the mother and the unborn child. Three of the Nepali actresses, Rekha Thapa, Rejina Upreti, and Richa Ghimire gathered in an event organized at Arunima Lamsal‘s home in Kapan Kathmandu. They also invited another pregnant actress Sanchita Luitel in the ceremony.

What makes this event special is that, these five actresses, who are considered to be rivals in Nepali movie industry, have tried to prove everybody wrong by gathering in a place to celebrate the happiness of two of their colleagues. 

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Nikhil – Sanchita expecting twins?

The reel life chemistry of actor Nikhil Upreti and actress Sanchita Luitel was appreciated those days while they appeared together in screen. Rumors were everywhere about their love affair though it was not accepted by both. However truth can’t be hidden. After working some numbers of film they both get married. This time too they planned to hide their wedding like suspense that can be seen in the films. So they moved towards India and planned to be settled there.

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