Sonika Rokaya to be featured in Manoj Gajurel’s wife’s Meena Dhakal video

When Meena Dhakal divorced her 22-years-long husband, comedian Manoj Gajurel, she promised to be a singer. She tried her luck by creating a music video. But, the video was disliked by people and she was rediculated. It seems, she is not going to give up yet. She has written and given voices to a number of other songs. In one of the music videos of her songs, she is going to feature VJ Sonika Rokaya.

Video report:

Who is Sonika Rokaya?

Sonika Rokaya is a Video Jockey in a YouTube channel. She is popular for her controversial topics she raises in interviews and programs. She considers herself different from other presenters. In addition to running shows, she also models in music videos.

Sonika had also worked as an announcer on stage shows and film promotion programs. She has also danced in some of the shows. To sum up, Sonika has established herself as a controversial video show host and model.

Who is Meena Dhakal

The mother of two grown-up children, Meena Dhakal ended her marriage with comedian Manoj Gajurel a few months ago. After that, she has been trying to establish herself as a singer. She had accused her ex-husband of limiting her talent and not allowing her to show her talent. That was the reason, she released a song right after the divorce. But, her song was more of a topic of rediculation than that of art. She is also running a boutique in Kathmandu.

While Meena as given numerous interviews about her relationship with her husband and about her talent, Manoj Gajurel hasn’t talked about his ex-wife in media. Although he has been as active as before in his comedy shows, and he has also signed a movie for the first time in his career, he has kept his personal relationship our of media.

Here is what I had written about their divorce.

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