Onir says, ‘I will make a film in Nepal’

onirIndian director Onir appeared happy during an interaction held in Gurukul, Kathmandu, after the special screening of his movie, I AM.  A day earlier the movie was screened in Rastriya Naachghar.

The director who had previously directed the films like "Bas ek Pal", "My brother Nikhil", and "Sorry Bhai", usually makes films in social, and serious human issues. In the movie, I AM, he has tried to portray bisexual behavior in people and how they the issue is ignored by the Indian society and the country’s constitution.

I AM has won a number of awards in various functions and film festivals around the world. The film has also received positive responses in the media reviews. Onir told that he is planning to take this movie in a tour of Europe and American festivals. In the coming three months, he has plans to take it in a worldwide tour. After that he has plans to come Nepal and make another film.

"My affection to Nepal is not new", said the Indian director, in Nepal. Onir talking Nepali fluently told that he is fascinated by the natural beauty of Nepal. He also has a desire to bind both Nepal and India through films.


"After coming to Nepal, I had an idea. I am sure, the idea will make a good film,"  Onir explained. "It is about an Indian girl who falls in love with a Nepali guy during her educational tour."

Onir told that he didn’t have enough time to spend in Nepal, this time. He told, he has plans to come back to Nepal to stay for a longer duration, after the tour. He would like to write the story of his film at that time.

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