From Sikkim to Nepal: Prashant Tamang brings Angalo Yo Maya Ko

UPDATE: The movie is available to watch here in xnepali. Watch ‘Angalo Yo Mayako’ here.

Former Indian Idol Prashant Tamang arrived in Kathmandu on Wednesday, for two days. He is here for the publicity for his upcoming film, “Angaalo Yo Maya Ko“. The movie is his second film after “Gorkha Paltan“. Gorkha Paltan was a big hit of last year.


The director of the movie, Binod Sereng, is hopeful that the film will be a hit like Gorkha Paltan. He said, “There is plus point in Prashant’s image as well as the film is of high quality in it’s presentation and technology”. Model Harshika shrestha has debuted as an actress in this film.

The film is basically about an addict but, a very good lover boy, who can’t get enough love from his rich family, although there is no lack of money for him. The movie shows, such a situation can create a huge accident.

The film is already released in Sikkim and Shilugadhi of India. Now, it is going to be released here on June 24 .

Having fun after marriage:

During the promotional appearance in Kathmandu Prashant Tamang shared some stuffs about his married life. He was married with Geeta Thapa, a resident of Nagaland, Dimapur on May 7. Geeta works for Kingfisher Company.

“My married life is full of fun. She is busy in her job so, I have to come here alone”, he said. To a question raised by a reporter asking if his fan have decreased after the marriage, he answered, “May be. But what can I do? After all, everybody has his personal life and has to give time for it”.

To a question asking where he spent his honeymoon, Prashant answered jokingly, “I spent it in Singapore and she spent it in Bangkok”. After a big blast of laughs, he made it clear by saying that they didn’t have free time to go for honeymoon.

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Angalo Yo Maya Ko – Shooting photos

(was originally published on Sep 17, 2010)

A social themed feature film, “Angalo Yo Maya Ko”  features Indian Idol-3 Prashant Tamang, Mahendra Gurung, and Bijayata Baraily in the leading roles. Although it is the debut appearances of Mahendra and Bijayata, Mahendra is quite popular in music videos produced in Sikkim.

The movie is directed by Vinod Sereng and produced by Kishor Rai Dungmali. The following gallery features the shooting photos of the movie.

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