Shree Krishna says his relationship with Sweta is "very strong"

There was a rumor about disagreement between Shree Krishna Shrestha and Sweta Khadka last week. Newspapers wrote that Shree krishna Shrestha wasn’t happy with Sweta because of her miniskirt appearance in her upcoming movie Haasi Deu Ek Fera.

It was after they worked together in Kahaan Bhetiyela people had started to link Shree Krishna and Sweta together. They however deny any affairs and told that they were "just good friends".

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan pregnant – Heroine shelved?

The pregnancy news of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has spread all over the world like a wild fire. Amatibh Bachchan revealed the family secret, about the upcoming new member in Bachchan family, through his twitter account @srBachchan.


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Saif denied problems in the relationship with Kareena

The relationship between the Bollywood actors Saif Ali Khan and Kareena kapoor is told to be facing some serious problems these days. It was even rumored that, their four-year-old relationship might end, as a result.

But, 40-year-old Saif has come up with a rescue, by issuing a press statement, to tell that they are happy together:

I would like to reassure our fans and well-wishers that all is well with Kareena and I…we are working hard but we always make time for each other. All these rumours are disturbing and untrue…especially when families are brought into it in such bad taste. I wouldn’t like to say anymore except we are very happy together.

It is told, the rumor has "deeply disturbed both the couple and their respective families".

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Nikhil – Sanchita expecting twins?

The reel life chemistry of actor Nikhil Upreti and actress Sanchita Luitel was appreciated those days while they appeared together in screen. Rumors were everywhere about their love affair though it was not accepted by both. However truth can’t be hidden. After working some numbers of film they both get married. This time too they planned to hide their wedding like suspense that can be seen in the films. So they moved towards India and planned to be settled there.

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Namrata celebrated her 25th birthday

Model/actress Namrata Shrestha wants to do some social activities on the occasion of her birthday. This is her 25th birthday. Actually, it was on Tuesday but she planned to celebrate it formally only on Wednesday.

"I will spend some time in an Aashram (holy shrine). Then, I will celebrate it with my friends in my own way", she said.

From the very early morning on Tuesday her friends and fans had sent her various birthday messages. "I guess, I received more than fifty messages ",she said. She also threw a small party on that day.

Now, she is going to celebrate it full-fledge on Wednesday, with her busy friends who could not make it on Tuesday.

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Shahrukh Khan finished writing biography

Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan has said that, he had almost completed his biography. He said, the biography will be published after the final editing.

The biography titled, ‘Twenty years in a Decade‘ covers his life period from 1991 to 2001.

‘I have written this book for fun, positive thinking, and optimism. I have been writing it for the last ten years. I have written my life in humorous manner’, he said.

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Onir says, ‘I will make a film in Nepal’

Indian director Onir appeared happy during an interaction held in Gurukul, Kathmandu, after the special screening of his movie, I AM.  A day earlier the movie was screened in Rastriya Naachghar.

The director who had previously directed the films like "Bas ek Pal", "My brother Nikhil", and "Sorry Bhai", usually makes films in social, and serious human issues. In the movie, I AM, he has tried to portray bisexual behavior in people and how they the issue is ignored by the Indian society and the country’s constitution.

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Sanchita Luitel’s reel life matches the real

Update (Sept 2015) – The movie is available online, watch ‘Chhodi Gaya Paap Lagla’ here.


Cinema is considered to be a world of dream. Somehow, the dream of a film writer is displayed on the screen with the help of casting and  its crew member. This is done by an active director and a producer who too have a sketch of dream in their, mind related with the film story. Leaving some exceptional cases, most of the films are developed with fictitious subject .That’s why it is told: “The characters and incidents of this film is fictitious. If they match with anyone’s life it will be just a coincidence”.

But, how should we define it if same story matches with the story of the main lead in the film? Will it be just a coincidence or can we say it was destined?

Well, I am talking about a film, recently released in Kathmandu valley, named Chhodi gaye paap laglaa. Sanchita Luitel is the lead actress in the movie produced by Keshav Bhattrai. It might be just a coincidence, but he character of Sanchita in the movie seems similar with her real life. Now, lets talk about the story of the film and the real story of Sanchita, to see how it seems similar with each other.

Reel Life of Sanchita Luitel in Choodi Gaya Paap Lagla

According to the movie, Sanchita belongs to an upper class family and she likes Nagendra, a resident of Pokhara .She decided to leave her home to marry Nagendra and live with him in Pokhara, against the will of her family.

But, after living with Nagendra, she found him to be different from what she had believed and imagined about, before marriage. Then, a new guy enters in her life, named Raj. But, Raj too was already reserved, having another girl in his life. Even after knowing the reality, Sanchita couldn’t stop herself from loving Raj. On the other hand, Raj is struck in a huge confusion on choosing between Sanchita and Richa. At the very end of the film, Sanchita becomes successful to make Raj her husband, and she starts her new life.

Real Life of Sanchita

Similar to the story of the film, Sanchita too belongs to an upper class family.The actress of “Apsara” met Aakash Shah during the shooting of ” Bhannai Sakina” and she fell in love with him. In the similar manner to the movie, her family was against Sanchita’s decision to marry Aakash. But, Sanchita married without their permission. However, their married life dragged them into problems and they got separated after some time. After the divorce she remained alone until she met an actor, Nikhil Upreti. Nikhil was already married to Kopila. But, even after knowing the reality, she eloped with Nikhil. Now, she is pregnant with Nikhil’s child.

In this way, the story and characters of the movie and real story of Sanchita seem quite similar to each other. Is it just a coincidence or a destiny? At the time of the original release of the movie, in 2066 BS, the affair between Sanchita and Nikhil was not made public.