Paramita RL Rana got engaged during her 25th birthday celebration

As her ex-boyfriend, Ayushman DS Joshi, celebrated the engagement with Priyanka Karki, Pramita RL Rana also got engaged with her current boyfriend – Hisi Losang.

Although Paramita prefers to say that it was only a gift from her boyfriend, Hisi Losang had brought a ring and helped her in wearing it on her finger. Watch the following video to see how Hisi offered a ring to Paramita. It is clear they wanted everybody to see the event.

Hisi and Paramita have been seeing each other after Paramita’s ex Ayushman started seeing Priyanka Karki. Ayushman and Priyanka had performed the engagement ceremony twice. Priyanka and Ayushman have named the couple “Ayanka” and their engagement ceremony was well announced and the guests were invited by distributing custom-made invitation card. They had also inked their bodies with the name. Watch the following video report:

In the case of Pramita and Hisi, the event wasn’t announced. There were no traditional celebration. It was only Hisi who offered a ring to Pramita. Paramita didn’t give a ring in return. So, this incident might not be considered an official ‘engagement’.

One thing is clear – Hisi and Paramita want to take the relationship to the next level.

More details on Paramita’s new young businessman boyfriend is given in this video, I prepared a while earlier:

Hisi is the managing director of a travel agency and a restaurant. Best wishes to Hisi Losang and Paramita RL Rana for a long-lasting relationship. I wish the same to Priyanka and Ayushman.

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