Police investigating Rekha Thapa for misusing police uniform in Himmatwali

The central police office of Nepal Police has started an investigation on the use of the police uniforms in the shooting of ‘Himmatwali’ without seeking prior approval. According to a report, Rekha Thapa had failed to obtained a written approval before using any police uniforms.

In ‘Himmatwali’ businessman, Dinesh Bhandari is featured as a Police IGP and a journalist, Rajendra Nath, is featured as a Police DIG. The actors had posted their photos in uniform in Facebook.

‘Himmatwali’ is going through multiple issues to deal with:

  • Film director Shyam Bhattarai returned from the site after two-days of shooting.
  • Film Development Board (FDB) is investigating Rekha for the failure of insuring the crew members.
  • Now, the police in investigating on misuse of uniform.

Rekha Thapa has just returned back to Kathmandu after the completion of the shooting in Mahendranagar. She is expected to clarify the situation soon.

Rekha is known to overlook important details and feel bad about it, later. During the election, she had failed to register herself as a voter and had to relinquish the candidacy of CPN (Maoist). After the unexpected defeat of the party in the election, she had left the party.

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